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Moorpark College is Moving Forward Together as a commitment to safe campus-based in-person & online learning. We are very excited about providing our students with full access to all that the Moorpark College experience has to offer. As a leader in the COVID-19 response, our goal is to continue to ensure a safe and rewarding learning experience in line with public health guidance and safety protocols.

Vaccine Mandate Now in Effect

In order to be on campus for the new year- you must be fully vaccinated. Those with a religious or medical exemption will need to get tested twice a week to be on ground. Moorpark has testing areas on campus for your convenience. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT MC/VCCCD COVID 19 POLICIES.

Enroll NOW and Get STIM Cash

Register for 6 units or more for SPRING 2022 and watch you email about receiving an additional Stimulus cash payments of up to $1000.00. 

If you are a recently enrolled student in at least one class at MC, OC or VC in any of the following 3 semesters:  Spring 2020, Fall 2020 or Spring 2021 or Fall 2021 (Hey - it's Ok if you withdrew or failed a class), Register NOW for 6 units or more for Fall 2021 and WATCH your emails for an invitation to receive an ADDITIONAL Stimulus cash payment of $805.00

  3. Closely monitor your VCCCD email for the link to complete the certification form.


Feel free to come onto campus to register. PARKING IS FREE!


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Registration Rocks

These workshop events are designed to help all students enroll at Moorpark College for the fall semester. We guide you through every step Online, starting with the application process. Your success team will assist with each step, from admissions and counselors to financial aid and stimulus cash grants. We ensure you get everything you need to thrive @Moorpark College.
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Fill Out FAFSA (Federal School Code:  007115)

More Choices Than Ever

Now is the best time to enroll at Moorpark College. We are offering a wide range of learning formats, from courses offered fully on ground to fully online. We also have Short-Term classes that start in September, October and November:
IN-PERSON On campus in Safe Space classrooms.
HYBRID Partially in class and partially online.
HYFLEX On campus class, while others watch live online.
ONLINE Fully online Classes.
Available Classes

Student Stimulus Programs

When enrolling at Moorpark College, we encourage all students to fill out the FAFSA, CADAA and Financial Aid application. Along with the normal funding opportunities, there are Stimulus Cash funds available to help you pay for living expenses. Students need to be enrolled in the Fall, with a minimum of 6 units, and those in need will qualify first. However- you can get over $1000.00 regardless of income status. You may also qualify to get all registration fees, books,  parking fees, and child care paid for. 

Find Out How 

MC hosts Financial Aid Zoom workshops Tuesdays from 4-6pm

Access Financial Aid Page
Student Stimulus Grant
California Dream Act
Cash Workshops
Promise Program

Wrap Around Support

Choices. Funding. Support. More important than ever, Moorpark College provides complete wrap-around student support. That means that whoever you are, whatever steps you have had to take in life, we have a large support team of specialists who can provide all the services you need to follow your individual path on your road to higher education. 
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The Uniqueness in YOU

We want you exactly as you are. We revere all walks of life and celebrate diversity. Moorpark College is a champion of higher education. Recently voted Best Community College in California, Moorpark College's mission puts our students first. We celebrate the uniqueness in you!
Check out our Social Justice Page
Check out our Multicultural Page

We Welcome Students of ALL Ages

Moorpark College President, Dr. Julius Sokenu, often says that we are in the human development business. This means that we are a huge part of the success of our students and our community. We partner with Universities and Industry leaders to ensure that our students have options in their short term and life-long goals. Moorpark College has a place for everyone: High School students entering college for the first time, returning students who want to finish a degree started years ago, working adults looking to improve skills and learn new careers, and lifelong learners craving continuing education and cultural comradery. At Moorpark College–you can go very far, close to home!
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