Obtain COR using ASSIST

How to Find Comparable Courses and Course Outlines of Record online


1.  Log onto http://info.assist.org  (note: there's no www.).  

2.  Under DATABASE, select ASSIST Maintenance Report.  

3.  Sign in by using "MOORPARKFAC" as the user name and "ALMOND" as the password.

4.  Click on "Course Search" option (on left hand side).

5.  Select the institution(s) that you want to obtain the information from - i.e., CCCs, CSUs or/and UCs).                                                                                             

6.  Type in the course title or key terminology if you do not have a title.

7.  Continue filling in the information as requested or select from the options given.  

8.  Click on the "Continue" button at the bottom to start the search.  It might take a few minutes to run the report. 

Once the report is done, you should see a list of comparable courses (by title or key terminology) available. 

In addition to finding comparable courses by title or key terminology, some of the California Community Colleges will also have their course outlines on this database. If a course outline is available, you will see "OSCAR (pdf)"  to the right of the course.  To view the course outline, click on "PDF" (date) icon.

NOTE: If you need help or have questions, please contact the Articulation Office at (805) 378-1576.

Using CurricUNET    

CurricUSEARCH provides the ability to search the curricUNET database for course outlines from participating CurricUNET colleges.  

1.  Using Internet Explorer, go to curricunet.com/college name -for example, http://www.curricunet.com/moorpark/or http://www.curricunet.com/ventura/

2.  On the left hand side, under "Search" click on "Course" or "Program"

3.  The Course Status is default to "All" but you can select from any option given.

4.  Using the drop down menu, select the discipline that you want and either click on the "OK" button to see all course outlines available for that discipline or you can type in the course number and/or title.

5.  Available course outline(s) will appear.  Click on the "COR" icon to view the course outline.

If you need help or have questions, please contact the Articulation Office at (805) 378-1576 or the EVP office at (805) 378-1403.