Hello Moorpark College Student! Welcome to our information page for the M80 internship course at MC, thank you for your interest. Please click trough the menus below for enrollment and program info, and for available orientation dates.

If you have secured and internship, good job, follow the listed steps under "Steps to Enroll in an Internship Course" to complete the "Course Agreement" and to begin the enrollment process. Please allow up to 72hrs for processing. We will contact you if there’s an issue with the application so plan to complete the orientation you signed up for.

If you would like to meet with an internship specialist please click on the blue Calendly button on bottom right of page to schedule an appointment. We will walk you trough the process of locating and securing and internship or employment opportunity. During our visit you will receive personalized employment and internship information to better understand the details and benefits of your options. This appointment will be used to discuss internship and or employment opportunities only.

If you need help finding an internship please fill out this easy to use form. 

M80 internship request form

Reach out to us at if you have any questions or concerns. Please allow up to 48hrs for initial response.

Thank you!

Learn about Moorpark College's M80 Internship Program

Please click on the red button to find out about our internship program. Learn about what an internship can do for you. The program responsibilities and how we calculate credits. Also, find out who will be involved in your learning experience and what the minimum qualifications are to apply.

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Steps to Enroll in an Internship Course

Please click on the red button to access the steps you will need to complete to successfully enroll in an internship course at Moorpark College. The process is very simple and streamlined and you should be able to complete it using any type of computing device (Computer, Laptop, Smart Phone). You will also be able to view available orientation dates.

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Explore Internships and employment opportunities

After you have completed some intro coursework you will be ready for hands-on experience. An internship can offer this type of experience, our jobs database Ventura County Works will allow you to begin exploring possible internship and employment opportunities in your field of study. Opportunities are submitted by actual businesses in the community and other regional stakeholders. Please log in using you my.vcccd login information.

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