Campus Police/Dispatch (805)378-1455, press 1

Fire/Ambulance 911 (if calling 911 you must also call campus police)

Student Health Center (805) 378-1413

Procedures for Accidents and Acute Illness

Emergency Situations (seizures, broken bones, heart attacks, stroke, fainting, actively suicidal/ homicidal, very concerning behavior/safety concerns, severe anxiety/panic attack)

Call Campus Police/Dispatch, (805)378-1455 (press 1) or 911

Give the nature and exact location of the accident or medical emergency

Do not move the victim, unless to prevent further injury

If you call 911, you must also call Campus Police (805) 378-1455, (press 1)

Non-Emergency Situations (cuts, headaches, cold/flu symptoms, minor sprains, student able to walk, tearful, anxious, not sleeping, depression)

Have student walk to, or accompany them to, the Student Health Center, A 111. Hours: M/Th 8-5 pm, T/W 8-6 pm, F 8-12 noon

Call the Student Health Center, (805) 378-1413

If the Student Health Center is closed or a nurse is unavailable, call Campus Police at extension (805) 378-1455, press 2 (non-emergency line)

Give the nature and exact location of the accident or illness

All campus student emergencies, accidents and illnesses should be REPORTED to the Student Health Center within 24 hours. Use the REPORT OF PERSONAL (NON-EMPLOYEE) ACCIDENT form, found under business tools located on the District Portal. This procedure is essential for follow-up of the student’s condition and possible insurance coverage.

January 2018