Safezone. by yourself.

Moorpark College is committed to creating a nurturing atmosphere rich in learning experiences, free of fear and discrimination for all.  To this end, the SAFEZONE training program was ​developed to support LGBTQ+ students, employees, and allies. ​

The SAFEZONE emblem not only signifies a pledge of commitment, but that the person displaying the placard has been trained to support this unique population. It was through the dedication of the MC SAFEZONE committee and the help of The Gay Alliance, College of the Canyons, and Bakersfield College that MC's training program was developed.


This page is filled with resources and information. The table below provides a quick directory to help you navigate the page! Please check back frequently for updated content.

Individual thinking. Text reads: concerns or suggestions. Tab 1: addressing needs
Safezone logo. Text reads: About SAFEZONE. Tab 2: Safezone training
Image of a toilet. Text reads: All-gender restrooms. Tab 3: All-gender restrooms
rainbow with building. Text reads: LBGTQ+ campus resource. Tab 4: Resources on campus
network of people. text reads: Local and national resources. Tab 4: resources off-campus
three people in the shape of a heart. Text reads: supportive people on campus. Tab 5: safezone registry
name tag, diploma, paper. Text reads: name change processes. Tab 6: FAQs
person scrolling on phone. Text reads: Articles and Media. Tab 7: LGBTQ+ stories
instructor in front of board. Text reads: For instructors. Tab 8: classroom resources
map of US with paperwork over it. Text reads: LGBTQ+ laws and history. Tab 9: legislation and law
Ally flag. Text reads: Allies and others. Tab 10: Information for allies and others
brochures. Text reads: SHC outreach information. Tab 11: health brochures

Check out the MC Library LGBTQIA+ Reading and Resource Guide

Text reads Library LGBTQIA+ Reading and Resource List