Frequently Asked Questions

What does the health fee cover?

For your nominal $21 health fee ($19 in summer) as part of your registration fees you have the opportunity to utilize various services here on campus. Here is a partial list of what is available, many are free:

  1. First Aid
  2. Self Care Center including free over-the-counter medications
  3. Medical Services including illness assessment and treatment
  4. Physicals for Health Science and EATM programs, transfer or job
  5. TB skin testing, immunizations
  6. Psychological counseling by psychologist or post docs or interns under supervision
  7. Optional low cost health, dental and vision insurance plans
  8. Student Accident Insurance - only if injured on campus or during a college sponsored activity
  9. Health education events and counseling emphasizing disease prevention and wellness
  10. Access to low cost medications, immunizations and lab testing - as part of your treatment at MC

Is everything confidential?

All medical and personal counseling records are kept confidential, with legal constraints, and are NOT part of the student's academic record. Information may not be released without the student's written consent (Student Health Services Privacy Act). Information shared in counseling sessions may be discussed among providers for consultation or intern supervision, but will not be discussed outside the Student Health Center.

Who can be seen at the Student Health Center?

Any currently enrolled student can utilize services at the Student Health Center. First Aid, TB Skin Testing, Flu Vaccinations, and special screenings are provided for faculty and staff. Only first aid is provided for visitors.

How can a student be seen at the Health Center?

Appointments are required to see all providers. Walk-ins will be seen only as the providers' schedules permit.