International Education Week (IEW) is an opportunity to celebrate the benefits of international education and exchange worldwide. This joint initiative of the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Education is part of our efforts to promote programs that prepare Americans for a global environment and attract future leaders from abroad to study, learn, and exchange experiences in the United States.

Celebrate International Education in your classrooms

This is a great opportunity for students to volunteer and represent your country in your classrooms.

To participate, please ask for your professor's permission to share (no more than 5 minutes) in your classes about your country and culture. The committee of International Education Week will provide you with questions to help you prepare your mini-presentation.

At the end of the week, you will receive a certificate of participation from the US Department of State. Your participation can also be included in your personal resume.

Your sharing will also help prepare your peers for a global environment and attract future leaders to study abroad, learn, and exchange experiences.

I highly encourage you to participate. Please sign up by filling out this form by November 10, 2017 :

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the ISP office at 805-378-1414 or email


Monday NOV. 14 @ 10am I CC-CR

Life-Defining Experience - Tymon Manning from  Peace Corps 

Serving in the Peace Corps is a great way to immerse yourself in a new culture, learn a new
language, and have the experience of a lifetime. Come to this session to learn about Volunteer
experiences, have your questions answered, and gain tips to guide you through the application
process. Make a difference in a community overseas as a Peace Corps Volunteer. What is it like to
be a Volunteer? What Volunteers do, where they go, and the many benefits of Peace Corps service.
Begin your life-defining experience!

Monday NOV. 14 @ 1pm I CC-CR

Benefits of International Education - Lea-Anne Allen from Macquarie University

Lea-Anne Allen (Regional Manager for Macquarie University, Sydney Australia) has studied in 5
countries and is a huge advocate for international education. She will present on the benefits and
the options for students seeking an international education and why you should absolutely take the
plunge and just do it!
An international education is more important now than ever before thanks to globalisation and the
inter-connect­ ed world that we live in. Graduates who have an international experience are
paramount for many employers because students acquire interpersonal skills while studying abroad.

Tuesday NOV. 15 @ 1pm I CC-CR

Funding Your Study Abroad  Experience  - Alex  Gonzalez from Moorpark College

Study abroad is a life-changing experience for many students, opening their eyes to different ways
of life and promoting understanding and tolerance. Students who study abroad have better grades,
experience less attrition, and graduate from college at higher rates than students who do not study
abroad.  Study abroad can be more expensive than the usual cost of education at your home campus,
however with a little planning andscholarship awareness you can find ways to fund your education abroad experience
and become a global citizen. Come join us and learn about scholarships and how to effectively use
financial aid for your study abroad experience.

Thursday NOV. 17  @ 10am I LLR-126

Where is Cyprus?   Evanthia and Chloe Demosthenous from Cyprus

Cyprus is a beautiful country with a safe and easy laid back lifestyle. Citizens of Cyprus are
given high standard education and opportunities, which include the great choice to send their
children overseas to attend university, to expand their knowledge, and to experience life

Thursday NOV. 17  @ 1pm  I AC 111/ 112

Ready to See the World? Cassandra Cowen from Moorpark College

Are you seeking to expand your international experience? Cassandra Cowen presents her teaching
abroad experience in Mallorca, Spain.   She will be offering the opportunity for students to learn
about traveling overseas. After visiting 5 continents and almost 50 countries, Cassandra shares her
passion and expertise for traveling, combining cultural experience while contributing to communities abroad.
This fun and informative workshop aims to spark students' desire to start thinking on a global
scale, allowing them to imagine themselves as a part of our global community.