photo of Abdulwahab Alanazi

“One of the best Experiences at Moorpark College is that you share classes with students who are of all ages and came from around the globe, even people from the same country as you.

I feel lucky to be here because I’ve meet amazing professor that teach in a different way than my previous professors.”

صراحتا من افضل تجاربي هي الاختلاط في طلاب من مختلف الاعمار والدول وايضا هناك طلاب من نفس دولتي تعرفت عليهم هنا

وشاركتهم احتياجاتي، ايضا الداكترة يختلفون عن الذين قابلتهم في دولتي لانهم من حضارة ودولة مخلتفة. فهذه من افضل تجاربي انني

خضت تجربة جديدة وانها الى الان ناجحة

Abdulwahab Alanazi 

Saudi Arabia - Electrical Engineering

photo of Rifaat Kouaider

I'm studying computer engineering. I've been here in the US for the last 3 years. Since I came to the U.S., I insisted on studying hard in order to prove myself in this country, where competition can be felt in all aspects of life. I was able to maintain good academic performance, along with an on-campus job and some fun on my free time to explore the beauty of California with native Californians and other international students that I met on campus.

Rifaat Kouaider
Lebanon - Computer Engineering

photo of Chloe Demosthenous

Moorpark College has given me so many opportunities. Its extensive resources and aid has benifitted me to build my confidence and ambition to succeed in my studies.

Moorpark College μου έδωσε τόσες ευκαιρίες. Οι εκτεταμένοι πόροι και η βοήθειά του με ωφελήθηκαν να οικοδομήσω την εμπιστοσύνη και τη φιλοδοξία μου να πετύχω τις σπουδές μου. 

Chloe Demosthenous 

Cyprus -  Communication Studies. 

photo of Tamim Mansoori

“At Moorpark College we have a good International community; it was nice to be in a place where I was surrounded by other international students. I was able to do all the same activities as US students and even more!”

Tamim Mansoori   

Afghanistan - Computer Science  

To be an international student is to have the opportunity to see the world. We experience a new country and culture, with an open mind for their costumes, and activities. As a foreign student I have been exposed to different perspectives,  foods, tradition and social atmospheres. Moorpark College gives me an opportunity to better understand and appreciate this nation’s people and history. It gives us an opportunity to witness a completely new way of life with a rigorous education. I have made new friends from different background which will forever impact my journey here.

Being at Moorpark helps me develop my communication skills and overcome my own culture and language barrier. It allows for me to have a safe space to practice my independence that continues to grow, all while people understand my difficulty as an International student.

Being an International Student in a new experience and can be overwhelming at times. Even though there are obstacles I may face; this environment is creating opportunities for me to adapt to diverse situation and solve issues with many new perspectives.

I’m lucky and grateful to have this once in a life time experience.

Yael Farkash 

Israel - Engineering


“Moorpark has a beautiful campus that gives the ability to anyone to strive and grow. I have very knowledgeable teachers who always make sure to include everyone in their classes. I feel happy to be a part of such a nice and hardworking community of students”

Alban de Raemy   

Switzerland - International Business 

The first time I traveled overseas, I was 14 years old. I spent a month in France eating pastries, visiting castles, and practicing my freshman French with cute boys. I didn’t know it then, but I was also learning about the world in ways my peers at home could not. I was formulating a world view of inclusivity, curiosity, and wonder. Since that first trip, I have traveled to England, Italy, Greece, Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, and Jordan. And I’m proud to say that I am still learning about the world.

photo of Patty Colman
That is why I so respect and value the international students at Moorpark College. For you, the experience must be daunting and I marvel at your courage and applaud your sense of adventure and commitment to education. But you’re not just receiving an education here at Moorpark,you are also contributing to the education of all of our students on campus. Your presence enhances our classrooms. Your insight and  background add new perspectives to class discussions. While not all of our students have the ability to study abroad, your friendship helps to broaden their worldview and encourages them to become a better global citizen.

Welcome to the Moorpark College family. I wish you all the best!

Patty Colman
History Professor

“My experience here at Moorpark College was incredible.  I hadn't any problems. I played soccer for the college and I hadn't problems in my classes. The office always is trying to help students in the better way such as in question (personal or academic), also, the ISO always trying to improve something to new international students. I just have to thank Moorpark College for this amazing experience that sum in my personal and professional life.”

Felipe Alberto Weber Luz

Brazil - International Business