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NOTE: These scholarships are NOT funded or organized by Moorpark College nor the Moorpark College  Foundation. 

LA Tutors Innovation in Education Monthly Scholarship

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Must be currently enrolled in high school or college

  • Cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 (or the equivalent)

  • Must be a citizen of, permanent resident of, or hold a valid student visa in the United States or Canada

Award: $500

Application: https://www.latutors123.com/scholarships/innovation-in-education/

Deadline: 20th day of every month 

Recurring: Monthly


Ellen Brokaw House Farm Workers! Scholarship 

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • College-bound or current college students who are children of farm workers in Ventura County
  • Child of a farm worker in Ventura County (seasonal or retired is okay) 
  • Minimum GPA for Seniors in High School: 2.3 
  • Minimum GPA for current college students: 2.5

Award: $3,000

Apply: https://housefarmworkers.org/ellen-brokaw-house-farm-workers-scholarship-application/ 

Deadline: May 06, 2024


California Wellness Coach Scholarships

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Recipients must be willing to study human services, addiction studies or social work and, after graduation, commit to a service obligation for one year as a Certified Wellness Coach. 
  • Be enrolled in a minimum of six semester units, or its equivalent, until program completion
  • Has a GPA of 2.0 or greater for most recent academic performance or equivalent
  • Maintain a GPA of 2.0 or greater, until program completion
  • Attend an educational institution within the state of California
  • Be physically present (live in) in California while attending courses

Award: Varies, up to $35,000 

Apply: https://cawellnesscoach.org/become-a-certified-wellness-coach/#apply-scholarship

Deadline: May 24, 2024


Live it Up Women in Healthcare Scholarship

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Women pursuing a degree in the healthcare field:  public health, medicine, healthcare administration, nursing, etc.
  • High school seniors, undergraduate and graduate students
  • U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident

Award:  $500

Application link: https://letsliveitup.com/blogs/supergreens/best-super-greens-powders#scholarship

Deadline:  May 31, 2024


Diversity in Health Care Scholarship and Stipend Program

Eligibility Criteria: 

Communities Lifting Communities (CLC) and the Hospital Association of Southern California (HASC) are pleased to offer the Diversity in Health Care Scholarship and Stipend Program. This is a competitive process and all eligible applicants will be evaluated by the CLC/HASC Evaluation Committee using a standardized scoring system.

This program is open to all employees of HASC member hospitals, with special consideration given to applicants from communities that have historically been underrepresented in health care. Scholarships and stipends are limited by available funding. The CLC/HASC Evaluation Committee will review candidates and choose a limited number of recipients as funding allows.

Award:  $2,500

Application link:  https://clcscholarships.hasc.org/

Deadline:  May 31, 2024


Book Lovers Scholarships

Eligibility Criteria: all students who have a passion for reading books

Award:  $500

Application link https://calvinrosser.com/scholarships/book-lovers/

Deadline:  May 31, 2024


Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Chapter 723 Academic Scholarships

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Be studying, or accepted to study, in one of the following fields:
    • Engineering
    • Science
    • Computer Science
    • Aviation Technology 
  • Be a resident of Ventura County
  • Possess a minimum grade point average of 3.0 or equivalent
  • Be enrolled or accepted in an accredited institution of higher learning. This includes community colleges, colleges, or universities
  • Be willing to be interviewed by the EAA Chapter 723 Scholarship Committee at its offices in Camarillo

Award:  $2,000

Application linkhttps://www.eaa723.org/scholarships/ (please note that the scholarship application on their website is the 2022 wording, but the process is the same) 

Deadline:  May 31, 2024


AJ Wang Foundation Scholarship

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Be a graduating high school senior from an accredited high school with the goal to attend a community college and earn a degree or certification, and/or meet transfer requirement
  • Be a resident or citizen of the United States of America and its territories or Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival (DACA) and/or Dream Act eligible
  • Have a cumulative high school grade point average of 2.5 or higher on a 4.0 scale
  • Commit to enroll as a full-time (minimum of 12 units) student, without interruption, for the entire academic school year at one of the above-mentioned community colleges

Award:  Up to $3,000 per year, varies 

Application linkhttps://ajwangfoundation.org/scholarship/

Deadline:  June 01, 2024


Los Defensores Hispanic Education Scholarships

Partnered with the Jaime and Blanca Jarrin Foundation

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Currently enrolled at a California-based school with interests in Journalism or Law
  • Minimum GPA: 3.0
  • Community Service in the Hispanic Community preferred 

Award: Varies between $12,500 grants for current law students and five $5,000 grants for undergraduate students

Apply:   https://www.losdefensores.com/scholarship/

Deadline: June 02, 2024 


Learner Calculus Scholarship

Eligibility criteria: 

  • Students studying a STEM major
  • High school seniors, undergraduate or graduate students
  • U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident

Award:  $500

Application link:  https://www.learner.com/math-tutoring/calculus#calculus-scholarship

Deadline:  June 30, 2024


Scholarship Institute’s Annual Women’s Leadership Scholarship

Eligibility criteria: 

  • Open to all female-identifying, high school seniors, undergraduate, and graduate students. Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident.

Award:  $500

Application Link:  https://scholarshipinstitute.org/best-career-aptitude-tests-for-you/#scholarship 

Application deadline:  July 01, 2024

Recurring:  Annually


VNutrition & Wellness' Annual LGBTQ+ Vitality Scholarship    

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Open to all high school seniors, undergraduate, and graduate students that identify as part of  the LGBTQ+ community
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident

Award: $400

Application link: https://www.vnutritionandwellness.com/best-greens-supplements/#scholarship

Deadline: July 01, 2024

Recurring: Annually


California Nurses Foundation: Sandra R Spaulding Memorial Scholarship 

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Enrolled for the 2024/2025 academic year in the second year of a two-year accredited Associated Degree Nursing (A.D.N.) Program located in a state with hospital facilities represented by CNA/NNOC (currently AL, AZ, CA, CO, DC, FL, GA, IA, IL, KS, KY, LA, MD, ME, MO, NV, NC, NY, OH, TX, and WV); and
  • Enrolled in at least half-time study, as defined by the student's institutions, and
  • Planning to complete the degree program within two (2) years.

Award: Varies 

Application link: https://app.smarterselect.com/programs/95796 

Learn More: https://www.nationalnursesunited.org/cnf-scholarships

Deadline: July 15, 2024


Keenan Insurance Scholarship

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Scholarship preference shall be given to underrepresented students who are working towards a certificate or degree in insurance, risk management, financial services or a related field, such as business administration with a concentration in or focus on the insurance and benefits industry. 
  • Applicants must be eligible for a California College Promise Grant or be experiencing other circumstances demonstrating financial need
  • Applicants must be enrolled in and complete three (3) units each semester, or the quarter equivalent, in insurance, risk management, financial services, or related courses in order to be eligible to receive a scholarship

Award:  $600 per semester or $1,200 per academic year 

Application: Fill out the application and submit to the Scholarship Office in Fountain Hall 210-C or via email to crodriguezrivas@vcccd.edu with subject "Keenan Insurance Application" and your student ID number. Hard copies are available in the Scholarship office. 

Learn More: https://foundationccc.org/our-work/system-support/providing-financial-assistance-and-scholarships/keenan-insurance-scholarships/ 

Deadline:  October 30, 2024


HeySunday Eco-Warriors Scholarship

Eligibility Criteria: All high school seniors, undergraduate, and graduate students are eligible to apply.  Must be US citizen. 

Award:  $1,000

Application link:  https://heysunday.com/products/our-best-selling-detergent-sheets#scholarship

Deadline:  December 01, 2024

Recurring:  Annually


PrimePutt Scholarship for Women Golfers

Eligibility Criteria: All female and female-identifying, high school seniors, undergraduate, and graduate students are eligible to apply.

Award:  $1,000

Learn More:  https://primeputt.com/products/golf#scholarship 

Apply via Bold.org: https://bold.org/scholarships/scholarship-for-women-golfers/

Deadline:  December 01, 2024


ADHDAdvisor.org Quarterly Mental Health Scholarship for Women

Eligibility criteria:

  • Women who prioritize their mental health. 
  • Open to all high school seniors, undergraduate or graduate students.
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent legal resident.

Award:  $500

Link to apply:  https://www.adhdadvisor.org/adhd/online-adhd-diagnosis#scholarship

Deadline:  May 01, 2024

Recurring: Quarterly



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NOTE: These scholarships are NOT funded or organized by Moorpark College nor the Moorpark College  Foundation.