Welcome to the Student Success Center Visual Guides page!

We are committed to helping you achieve your academic success!  On this page, you will find some self-paced guides that will provide you with necessary to complete your Student Success Checklist (Online Orientation, Math & English Assessments, & Educational Plan). 

This 3-Step program has been created to provide you with an introduction to the tools to get you started off on the right foot at Moorpark College.  By completing these steps, you will receive priority registration appointments for future semesters!  Please click on each image below for instructions on how to complete these guides.


If you still have questions or would like to connect with a Student Success Coach, please contact us at: (805) 553 - 4799 
Online Orientation

The Online Orientation is a brief series of videos that explains what resources are available on campus.  There is a brief quiz at the end of each video section. Once these quizzes are completed successfully, you will know where to go on campus when you have questions or need help staying on track to success!



English and Math Assessment

The Math & English Assessments ensure that you are aware of which math and English classes to take at Moorpark College, within your first academic year.  



Abbreviated Educational Plan

The Abbreviated Education Plan is an outline of courses that you will take in your first semester at Moorpark College.  These courses are subject to change after you have your first meeting with an academic counselor.