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Study in London and Paris this Summer!

Moorpark College is pleased to announce two summer classes that offer study abroad opportunities in London and Paris.  Students can earn up to 6 semester units this summer while traveling to England and France from June 5th to 13th.  The two classes associated with this exciting travel abroad program are MUS M08 - Music Appreciation and THA M02A- Acting I  These classes will be part of the Moorpark College 4-week summer session that begins May 22nd and completes with the trip to Europe ending on June 14th.

Through an association with EF College Study Tours, Moorpark College will offer these two 3 unit classes to highlight this European travel opportunity.  While students will only be required to be enrolled in only one of these classes to participate, the option of the second class allows students to earn up to six units in only 4 weeks.  These classes will be run for three weeks starting May 22nd from Monday thru Thursday and then culminating in the final trip to London and Paris from June 5th thru the 13th. 

Paris SeineImportant Information:

- Dates for classes: 5/22/17 - 6/14/17

- M08 - Music Appreciation 8:30-11:45am (M-Th) (3 units) 
Instructor: Nathan Bowen

Prerequisites:  None
Class Hours: 3 lecture
C-ID: MUS 100

Introduces history of music, emphasizing understanding and enjoyment. Investigates basic elements of music, including structure of musical compositions as well as orchestral instrumentation. Focuses on styles, characteristics, and composers representative of, but not limited to, Western classical tradition, with directed listening of major musical examples.  Not recommended for music majors.  Applies to Associate Degree.  Transfer credit: CSU; UC

- THA M02A - Acting I at 1:00-4:15pm (M-Th) (3 units) 
Instructor: John Loprieno JLoprieno@vcccd.eduLondon Tower

Prerequisites:  None
​Class Hours: 2 lecture, 3 lab
C-ID: THTR 151

Introduces basic acting theories leading to classroom performance. Emphasizes exercises that develop memorization, improvisation, focus, concentration, stage movement, vocal production, and interpretation of text.   Applies to Associate Degree.  Transfer credit: CSU; UC

- Travel dates 6/5/17-6/13/17
- Travel Costs and Where to Register:



Question: What if I want to stay in Europe after the 9 days? You can do it!  Here’s how: once you sign up, you’d fill out a Special Travel Request form to specify the changes to flights.  Since EF has its own booking agency, you’d basically work this out with them.  The sooner you do it, the easier it is to get things going the way you want.  Note that it says you need to do this 110 days before departure (that’s nearly four months, so February).  So it’s not absolutely pressing, but the point is that working it out in advance is important.
Question: Do I have to be enrolled in a class to go on the trip?  Yes.  You will need to be enrolled in at least one class in order to attend.  Independent study options may be available.
Enrollment for these classes is available only to students going on the trip, and visa visa.