Course Embedded Tutors (CET)- the purpose of this program is to increase pass rates and retention for historically high fail courses and to help students achieve their educational goals. This program attaches a highly skilled tutor to a specific course and then they are the in-class support for the students.  The CET attends lecture, takes notes, assists with group work, and provides weekly break-out sessions to provide further clarification of concepts and quiz/test reviews. 

Currently, CETs are available for the following disciplines and courses:

  • MATH M01, M03, M05 (Summer sessions: MATH M06, M07, M16A, M25A, M25C)
  • CS: M125, M10J, M10P
  • ENGR: M01, M04, M10, M12, M12L, M16, M20, M20L 

Peer Assisted Learning Sessions (PALS): PAL Sessions are tutor-led group sessions designed for a minimum of 4 or more students. These sessions may be requested by a faculty member or a group of students by email to the Math and Science Center for processing. The purpose of the sessions is to support students in their courses by providing highly skilled tutors that may provide additional explanations and clarifications. Requests may take up to 48 hours to process. The request form is below.

PALS Request Form  


COL M05 "Supervised Tutoring Across the Curriculum" 

To use tutoring services, students will be enrolled in COL M05, "Supervised Tutoring across the Curriculum." COL M05 is a 0 unit course. It is not graded.  It does not appear on transcripts.  It is free to all currently registered Moorpark College students.