Students who use the Learning Center will apply learning strategies and basic skills to succeed in college. The Learning resources enable students to...

1. Assess their learning needs and create an individualized learning plan;

2. Use resources to develop the college skills identified in their assessments or achievement plans;

3. Acquire skills that develop life-long learning habits; and

4. Apply learning strategies and basic skills to independently succeed in college.

Writing Center

In support of the aims for Writing and Reading across the Curriculum (WRAC) at Moorpark College, the Writing Center prepares students to

  1. Identify their individual writing or reading comprehension strengths and weaknesses;
  2. Use the resources that support their acquisition of college level syntax and academic literacy;
  3. Apply strategies for initiating the writing process—identify or refine a topic, use pre-writing methods, apply an appropriate rhetorical strategy;
  4. Revise (focus on structure, development, and flow) and edit (focus on grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and format) to improve the quality of their work;
  5. Comprehend, analyze, and integrate source material in a method appropriate to their discipline and adhering to ethical codes of source use.

Math Center

In support of the aims of Mathematics and Science students at Moorpark College, the Math Center prepares students to

  1. Think critically, analyze abstract concepts, and transition from the concrete to the abstract in mathematical thinking;
  2. Identify their individual mathematics strengths and weaknesses;
  3. Use the resources to support their acquisition of the skills necessary to succeed in college level mathematics and science;
  4. Apply problem solving skills to mathematics and science both in and outside of the classroom;
  5. Learn to efficiently verify an answer to a problem and verify if that answer is reasonable in the given context.

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