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Emily is a Moorpark College Alum and a graduate of CSUN with a degree in screenwriting. She has been tutoring at Moorpark for three years and loves helping students grow as writers.



Danielle received her degree in Psychology from CSU Channel Islands and has worked as a writing and psychology tutor at Moorpark for several years. She enjoys getting to know students through their writing and pushing students to think deeper with their analysis.



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Jasmine is a former MC and CSUCI student. She is now working on her master’s degree in public health at SJSU.  She has a special interest in studying academic inequities and strives to help others fulfill their academic potential. She loves to support students along their writing journey.  

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Crystal is a proud Moorpark College alum and has a degree in literature with a concentration in poetry from UC Santa Cruz as well as a secondary English teaching credential from CSUN. She taught high school English and creative writing for several years. She is currently working on her MFA in Poetry at UC Riverside and writing two books. 
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  Ashley recently completed her AA-T in English at Moorpark College, and has transferred to UC Santa Barbra in order to obtain her B.A. in English. This will be her second year as a tutor for the Writing Center, and she is extremely excited to help students grow their writing skills!

After transferring from Moorpark, Frank obtained his English degree from UCLA. He tutors writing and loves developing students' ideas with them.



G (Shayan) is finishing up his last year at Moorpark and transferring to a UC in Fall 21. As a future neurosurgeon, his focus is on science, but English will always be his first love. He is working on a choose-your-adventure novella with a release date at the end of the year. He is also your ASMC director of Student Services since one of his driving goals is to help others. English Tutoring allows him to help others express their ideas in writing and facilitate their success.
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Lauren is a Moorpark College alumni and a current English major at CSU Channel Islands. She loves literature and helping students work through their interpretations of it to strengthen their writing. 

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Jin  is currently attending his 2nd year at Moorpark College where he majors in Computer Science. In addition to his primary major, he is interested in studying cognitive science and plans to further his studies after transferring to a UC in fall 2021. Despite his declared major, Jin has always loved English.In his spare time, Jin writes articles on his personal blog, avidly reads scientific and inspirational books, and fulfills his duty as ASMC Director of Standing Rules. His goal as writing tutor is to enable every student to achieve their maximum potential, and for them to clearly articulate their thoughts and feelings through writing.