Transfer and Scholarship Essay Workshops 




Come to a Personal Statement Workshop (50 min. sessions) at the Writing Center

  • Explore the myths vs. the realities of the application essays
  • Understand expectations for content
  • Review topic prompts
  • Brainstorm and develop ideas for essays
  • Read sample essays and discuss strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn how to integrate these strategies into your essays:
    • Be honest – even if it hurts.
    • Be descriptive:
      • Use concrete language
      • Use active voice
    • Show don’t tell: Write the story—the experience–that reveals YOU.
    • If writing about something challenging in your life, show how you are overcoming or have resolved problems.




Drop-in: Expectations and Brainstorming/Developing and Revising


Tuesday, Sept. 25 at 10 am

Wednesday, Sept. 26 at 4 pm

Monday, Oct. 1 at 12 pm

Tuesday, Oct. 9 at 10 am

Friday, Oct 19 at 10 am

Tuesday, Oct. 23 at 1 pm


Drop-in: Expectations and Brainstorming/Developing and Revising


Friday, Nov. 2 at 10 am

Tuesday, Nov. 6 at 1pm

Wednesday, Nov. 7 at 4 pm


Last chance! Drop-in




Friday, Nov. 16, at 10 am

Wednesday, Nov. 28, at 10 am



Come to one or more workshops. Workshops are 50 minutes. Students are also welcome to book individual tutoring appointments to work on question responses and personal statements at