Writing Center Workshops & Events

English 1A After-Hours Weekly Workshops: Wednesday and Thursday, 12 pm and 3 pm in the Writing Center starting Aug. 28, 2019

After-Hours Weekly Topics: 

Week 1:   The Writing Process and Reading Strategies   

Week 2:   Thesis                                       

Week 3:   Run-ons: Comma Splices and Semicolons          

Week 4:   Essay Structure and Paragraphs

Week 5:   Fragments

Week 6:  Audience and Purpose

Week 7:  Commas

Week 8:  Academic Language

Week 9:  Using Sources

Week 10:  Research Papers

Week 11:  MLA Format




TUESDAYS & THURSDAYS, 12:30-1:30, LLR 318





Past Workshops


Letter Writing For First Responders and Borderline Families: You can come in to write a letter until the end of the semester! We have supplies and will deliver them for you!

Dia De Los Muertos Poetry Workshop: Oct. 25 from 4-6 pm








 A Shakespeare celebration:  Comedy of Errors 

Special Guests TBA

Thursday, March 1, 3-5 pm

Come ready to learn how to enjoy the twists and turns of Shakespearian drama: missing twins, enchanted cities, and more!

"Small cheer and great welcome makes a merry feast."







Reading & Note Taking Workshop: 2/16/17 & 2/21/17 @1:30-2:30pm


Poetry Write: Tues. 4/8/17@11:30am-1pm


Letter Writing Party, Post-Election: 11/10/16@1-3pm






The Writing Center will help you review those important student success skills, such as reading and test taking strategies, as well as punctuation and sentence structure. We also offer guidance for their personal statements for transfer applications and scholarship essays.  

Students are welcome to make an appointment with a tutor to work on any of these issues.





Coming Fall 2018: Common Application, Personal Statement , UC Transfer Personal Insight Questions: Workshop Series

Common Application Personal Statement / UC Transfer Personal Insight Questions:  Expectations and Brainstorming

  • Pick up the new worksheet for UC Personal Insight questions
  • Make an appointment with a tutor to start brainstorming and outlining your questions

Common Application Personal Statement / UC Transfer Personal Insight Questions:  Developing and Revising

Common Application Personal Statement / UC Transfer Personal Insight Questions:  Drop-in Consultations