(Updated for 2023-24 FY)

  1. Please note that as of Sep 13, 2023, the AB1887 restriction for the use of state funds for travel to certain states is no longer in effect. Therefore, faculty will be free to use travel funds for travel to any state.

  1. Download the appropriate application below

  1. Fill out the form and send it to your division dean (pro tip: also CC the dean’s administrative assistant!). Please ensure the application form includes information about the nature of the event and a link to the event website as applicable. Please also attach documentation for the following (note these need not be actual receipts, but those do count!):
    1. screen shot showing registration costs
    2. average lodging and airfare costs
    3. documentation to demonstrate other costs such as rental car
    4. Special note: faculty are entitled to $55 per diem for meal costs when attending an in-person activity. We do not need documentation for that estimated cost but make sure to account for that in your overall estimate for funds. You will need to include the receipts for your meals in the final paperwork.  

  1. Please make sure the application is filled out at least one month in advance for domestic travel and three months in advance for international travel

  1. If dean approves, they will sign and send the form to the Professional Development Coordinator

  1. The Travel Funds Workgroup (a sub-committee of the Professional Development Committee) will review the application and reach out to either confirm your award, ask for further information, or decline the request based on the criteria stated on the application form.

  1. If application is approved, the Professional Development Coordinator will reach out to you for next steps, which includes uploading data to Chrome River (the PDC will step you through this process).



International Travel Information

(if applicable; please note forms require a minimum of 3 months to process.  Also, the form below requires signatures from the Dean, VP of Business, and President.  Please obtain these signatures prior to submitting to Faculty Development.  Lastly, please provide information for the VCCCD Board Agenda as outlined in the second link below.)

  Opt-Out Form- Due Sep 15, 2022 (Revised for FY 2022-23)

Travel Funds Forms (Revised for FY 2023-24)