Health & Wellness

Student Health Center
Available to all Moorpark College students free of charge, the Student Health Center offers services that are sensitive to your needs. Their goal is to help you take care of your mental, emotional, and physical health so that you can thrive as a student!
A woman running the food pantry at Moorpark College.
Food Pantry
Ruben Castro Charities offers fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, and grains each week to students in need. They are still operating during COVID, so bring your face mask and stand in line. There is usually a surplus of free food, so spread the word to friends and family.

Drop by campus behind the Campus Center to pick up your food box this week!
A Student signing up during a campus event.
There are plenty of clubs that will help you stay active and moving! Search through our current offerings for clubs related to hiking, nature, and fitness.
elliptical machines inside the  moorpark college gym
Fitness Classes
What better way to stay active than to also earn a unit or two with a fitness class! Take a class on walking, strength training, or an intramural sport.

Fitness classes are listed under "Kinesiology" in the Schedule of Classes.