Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) Assessment is an ongoing, evidence-based approach that indicates the extent to which programs, courses, services, and all college units achieve their intentions. Assessment uses a feedback loop that involves identifying desired results; collecting and analyzing relevant information (data); and then using the findings to stimulate discussions and direct activities that can improve student learning, instructional delivery, curricula, programs, and/or services. 

Generally, measurable outcomes are a means to determine what students know, think, feel or do as a result of a given educational experience. Outcomes assessment, including course (CLOs), program (PLOs), and institutional levels (ILOs), allows us to discover if the students are learning what we expected to learn. 

Moorpark College faculty enter assessment data into eLumen for every course, every semester. In spring semesters, department chairs review and analyze the previous year's data. Service and support programs gather data in surveys, analyzing the data every year during the spring semester. Analyses are kept in discipline workbooks in shared cloud storage. Assessment results and analyses inform program planning and curriculum development, as reported on the Annual Program Plans.


For more information contact the SLO Coordinator, Rachel Beetz


Confused about SLOs at Moorpark? 

Download the Moorpark College SLO Faculty Handbook

This is your resource for understanding what each acronym means specifically at Moorpark. It also guides you through the processes of updating your CLOs, inputting data into eLumen, and mapping your CLOs to PLOs in eLumen. This document was approved by the SLO Committee on February 9, 2021. 


Incorrect SLOs in eLumen? 

If you find an incorrect listing in eLumen of either a Course Learning Outcome (CLO) or Program Learning Outcome (PLO), you can update them by contacting the SLO Coordinator directly:  Rachel Beetz: 


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