Student Activity Fee


The Student Activity Fee provides the Associated Students of Moorpark College (ASMC) the ability to support student life beyond the classroom.  It provides opportunities for students to become engaged, involved and feel connected to campus.  This fee supports campus student organizations and student government (Associated Students) who host a variety of diverse campus events, sponsor off campus field trips and attend state and national conferences representing Moorpark College.  Your contribution to the Student Activity Fee supported the following signature programs/events: (not all activities are listed)


  • Our 50+ student organizations to host guest lectures and attend state conferences:
    • Anthropology Guest Lecture – “The Rape of the Nile”
    • Outdoors Adventures club – ocean kayaking, camping, hiking
    • Foster Youth Student Association – participate in local Charity 5k Run
    • Math Student Association – state conference
    • CLUB RUSH - Fall & Spring Semester
    • Engineering Club – materials to compete towards international robotics competition
    • Enthusiastic Programmers – state competition
    • Nursing Student Association – state conference
    • Radiology Student Association – state conference
  • Raider Spirit Days – promotion of  home athletic events and handing out spirit gear to students who attended home athletic games
  • Student Voice  - Support for the campus student newspaper through the purchase of a mobile app. making campus news more accessible to students
  • Sustainability – partnering with the college to install 6 new hydration stations throughout campus

This small $5 fee is a contribution to the diverse student body of Moorpark College.  Through the use of this fee, the Moorpark College Associated Students is committed to providing opportunities for students to connect and became engaged in their campus.  It enriches student lives and enhances student experiences, resulting in a more successful student.  The Moorpark College Associated Students appreciates your support of student life on campus. 

Student Activity Fee Waiver:

Download the waiver form