Moorpark College opened its doors in 1967 with fewer than 1500 students. Few imagined that we would enroll almost 15,000 students per semester today. Tireless effort on the part of our exceptional staff will assure that the Moorpark College Education and Facilities Master Plans will continue to improve the college in years ahead as we serve the thousands of students that will earn degrees and certificates here.

The Moorpark College Facilities Master Plan specifies projects to be completed in the coming decade. The plan is designed to guide Moorpark College construction and renovation projects so that our college continues to provide access and quality higher education in an environment that is inviting, safe, and conducive in all aspects of the learning experience. The Education Master Plan continues to point the way to the future.

We think of our plans as living documents resulting from many hours of thoughtful input provided by members of the faculty, staff, administration, students and members of the Moorpark College community. Special thanks to members of the Facilities Planning Steering Committee, the Education Master Plan Committee and the numerous project- specific committees for their hard work and expansive vision that enables us to achieve the excellence we enjoy together at Moorpark College.

Julius Sokenu

Julius Sokenu, Ed.D.
Interim President, Moorpark College