President's Circle

The President’s Circle raises unrestricted funds for Moorpark College’s areas of greatest need. As a President’s Circle member you enjoy special access to the President and association with a select group of Moorpark College’s leading supporters.  

President's Circle Individual Donors  2020-2021

  • Paul Aguilar
  • Charles Champion
  • Jennifer Clark
  • Evan Gershbein
  • Jill Haney
  • Tom Harris
  • Michael Hoffman and Joanna Miller
  • Kathy Kraas
  • Arpit Malaviya & Anita Venkataraman/ProDIGIQ
  • David Pollock
  • Mary Rees
  • Simi Valley Chapter, Motorsports Inc.
  • Julius Sokenu
  • Cathy Spencer & Scott Harris
  • Gary Sproule
  • James Sproule
  • Thomas Stevens
  • Randy Sundeen
  • Vincent Turner
  • Tzu-Lin Wang
  • Tim Weaver
  • Nicholas Weeks


President's Circle Corporate Donors  2020-2021

Montecito Bank & Trust Blue logo with concentric M design and Company name beneath

Bank & Trust

ProDIGIQ Black, orangs and Grey logo with an airplane in the background and 6 Black and orange triangles and the Company name superimposed on the plane


Rotary Club International Logo

Simi Sunset
Rotary Foundation

Takeda Pharmaceutical Co. logo in Red.  The name Takeda is covered in a red arch that connects with a red border below the name Takeda

Takeda Pharmaceutical 



Thermo Fisher Scientific word logo with Thermo Fisher stacked in red and Scientific below in black

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Ventura County Community Foundation logo with a Teal Square encompassing a Grey V and a Light Blue C with the words community about the square and foundation below the square

Ventura County

Yellow and Blue Ventura County Credit Union Logo with sun shining over name

Ventura County
Credit Union