Friends of the Foundation* 

  • Welcomes your membership.

  • Membership is $5.00.

  • Friends of the Foundation members receive invitations to upcoming programs and events, and discounts to campus activities.

  • We encourage Alumni, Faculty, and community members to join Friends of the Foundation.

  • Friends of the Foundation will meet quarterly to plan events in support of Moorpark College.



Friends of the Foundation - Student Edition* 

The Moorpark College Foundation is thrilled to announce a new way to become more involved in your college. We invite you to join the Friends of the Foundation, available only to current Moorpark college students. Applications are available in the Foundation office in the Administration Building.

Membership is free.

This exclusive group will give you the opportunity to volunteer at upcoming events and attend meetings, providing valuable real world experiences that will give you an edge above others to jumpstart future career endeavors.

  • Learn how the Moorpark College Foundation functions 
    and interacts with the community

  • Network with peers, corporate partners and nonprofits

  • Have the opportunity to help plan and facilitate campus events

  • Participate in Moorpark College Alumni Outreach

  • Be able to apply for a Friends of the Foundation Scholarship that is 
    exclusive to the Friends of the Foundation

  • Receive a letter of recommendation at the end of the year, a valuable 
    addition to resumes


*Friends of the Foundation is represented by a delegate on the Foundation Board. Friends of the Foundation maintains a private membership list for notification of college events, elections, and annual dues notices. For more information, please contact Debi Klein at 805-553-4760.