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About Program

Business Administration consists of the Accounting, Business, and Hospitality disciplines. See brochure for career opportunities in these disciplines. Busy adults should also check out the Program for Accelerated College Education (PACE).

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Students participating in the Business Administration program will expand their knowledge of business for purposes of academic transfer, career enhancement, and completion of vocational certificate and degree programs. Students will develop an understanding of the different facets of business and the contribution business makes to the production of goods and services and the standards of living of people, as well as an understanding of the role ethics, social responsibility, and diversity play in business operations. Students will improve their written and oral communication skills, critical thinking skills, and work place skills to enhance their contribution to local, state, and regional economic growth and global competitiveness.

Programs Offered

Program specific requirements are shown below. For specific courses, check out the "Program Mapper".


  • Certificate in Accounting


  • Business Administration

    • Certificate in Business Administration

    • A.S. degree in Business Administration

    • A.S. for Transfer degree in Business Administration

  • Global Business

    • Certificate in Global Business
    • A.S. degree in Global Business


  • Certificate in Hospitality

  • A.S. for Transfer degree in Hospitality

Which option is best for you?


  • Learn about Accounting: take ACCT M01 (Introduction to Accounting)

  • Learn about Business Administration: take BUS M30 (Introduction to Business)

  • Learn about Global Business: take BUS M70 (Introduction to Global Business)

  • Learn about Hospitality: take HOSP M100 (Introduction to Hospitality)


  • Transfer to CSU: A.S. for Transfer degree (see counselor)

  • Transfer to UC: Follow the IGETC pattern (see counselor)

  • Other schools: See counselor

  • May transfer later: Complete the A.S. in Business Administration and/or A.S. in Global Business

Work related:

  • Certification: Complete courses for Certificate programs above

  • Degree Credential: Complete courses for A.S. degrees above


Department Chair: Ruth Bennington