Once Accepted

The Acceptance Letter

You will receive either a phone call or an acceptance letter by certified mail one semester prior to entering the program. It is very important that your phone can accept calls and your voicemail is not full. If being notified by mail, someone must be present to sign for the certified letter. If no one is available for signature, a note will be left for post office pick up.Take note of the Important Dates handout that is included with your acceptance letter.

Return the enclosed acceptance slip by the due date. Since your place in the program depends on the Health Sciences Department receiving your acceptance slip, it is recommended that you hand deliver it to the Health Sciences office.

Acceptance into the program is contingent on proof of a social security or individual taxpayer identification number, clearance of a health appraisal, drug screen, and background check that goes back seven years.

Welcome To The Nursing Program Mandatory New Student Tea

The Welcome to the Nursing Program Mandatory New Student Tea is held during the semester prior to your start date. You must attend this function. This allows you to meet your fellow classmates and the nursing faculty. During this event you will be given your admission packet, which contains information on all admission requirements. You must attend the New Student Tea in order to receive your admission packet.  Do not start on admission requirements until you have been notified of your acceptance, since these must be done no more than four months prior to starting class.  

The Admission Packet includes information on the following:

  • Signed "Acceptance/Decline Slip" turned into the Health Sciences office by noted due date on slip
  • Health appraisal (physical exam, immunization record)
  • Background and drug screen 
  • Health insurance requirement
  • American Heart Association CPR BLS Health Care Provider card requirements and providers
  • Los Angeles County Fire Safety card
  • Uniform  
  • Photo ID Badges (obtained at Moorpark College)
  • Textbook list
  • Classes to register for

New Nursing Student Mandatory Orientation

The New Nursing Student Mandatory Orientation is held during the week prior to the start of class and you are required to attend. This event will familiarize you with the requirements of the nursing program and your first semester instructor will discuss your first week class assignments.

Students must have a social security number or individual taxpayer identification number. Hospitals are requiring these as identification to allow nursing students to access or document in the patient electronic health record.

International students are advised to contact the Moorpark College International Student Office as soon as possible to start the process for securing a social security number or individual taxpayer identification number.

You must show proof of possessing a social security number or individual taxpayer identification number along with the other mandatory requirements, by the specified date at the Welcome to the New Nursing Student Mandatory Tea in order to be admitted into the nursing program.

Admission is Contingent Upon Receiving ALL Mandatory Requirements By Specified Deadline:

  •  Background check (seven year clearance) and negative drug screen
  •  Clearance of health appraisal (physical exam, immunization record)
  •  Proof of health insurance
  •  Proof of student nurse liability insurance
  •  American Heart Association CPR BLS Health Care Provider card
  •  Los Angeles City Fire Safety card
  •  Social security number or individual taxpayer identification number


Sometimes acceptance to the nursing program at Moorpark College conflicts with circumstances beyond the student's control. A student who is accepted to the nursing program may defer entry once, ever, for up to one year due to extenuating circumstances. Incomplete required remediation, incomplete mandatory requirements, a positive background or positive drug screen, are not considered to be extenuating circumstances, and deferral is not allowed for these reasons. Request for deferral must be presented to the Health Sciences Department in writing, to the attention of the Nursing Coordinator. Each case is decided on an individual basis, and all decisions are final. Deferral is not an option after attending the first day of he nursing program, and exit from the program will be considered a withdrawal.