Frequently Asked Questions

When do you accept applications?

There are two application periods each year - January 6th through January 31st, and August 1st through August 31st .

If the application due date falls on a Friday, weekend or a holiday, the application will be due in the Health Sciences Department Office (HSC 120) by 12:00 pm on the next business day.

What is the minimum required GPA to apply into the program?

The minimum required cumulative GPA is 2.5

What are the required prerequisites?

Please refer to the Application Process and Counseling pages on this website.

Do you have time limitations on accepted prerequisite classes?  

Yes. The core science prerequisites must be taken within seven years of application to the program.

Can I take Anatomy and Physiology together, as a combined course?

No. (Please contact counseling if you have any questions.)

Do you have a wait list?

No.  Please refer to the Application Process page.

Is there a lottery?

No.  Please refer to the Application Process page.

When do first semester nursing students start?

A new class of nursing students begins the program each spring and fall. 

How many students are accepted each semester?

The first semester class size can vary anywhere between 33 - 50 students.

Is your program full time?

Yes, but hours vary between classroom lecture, labs, clinical, studying, and homework obligations.  Lecture is held on Mondays and there are one to two full days of clinical that can vary between Tuesdays - Saturdays.

What is the cost of your program?

Roughly $6,000 but this is subject to change.

Do you have an LVN-to-RN bridge program?

LVNs may apply for admission to our second or third semester. Please refer to the Advanced Placement page.

Do you have a RN refresher course?

Not at this time.

Do you offer a surgical nursing course?

Not at this time.

I became a nurse in another country.  For licensure in California, the BRN is requiring I take a class.   Am I able to take it at your college?

Individual nursing classes are not offered by Moorpark College. You will need to apply as an Advanced Placement student. 

I've been accepted to the program, but due to extenuating circumstances, I can't enter the nursing program at this time. Can I defer until the following semester?

Yes, a student who is accepted to the nursing program may defer entry one time, for up to a year, but only due to extenuating circumstances. You will not be allowed to defer because of incomplete remediation that was required of you. Request for deferral must be presented to the Health Sciences Department in writing, to the attention of the Health Sciences Coordinator. 

I have my ADN already. Do you have any information about getting my BSN?

Yes, Moorpark College works closely with California State University Channel Islands (CSUCI) and other universities, and encourages students to continue their formal education after obtaining their ADN. CSUCI offers two ADN to BSN options. Information regarding the first option, Bachelor of Science Nursing: ADN to BSN Fast Track can be found at the following link:, Please also refer to our partnership section of this website.

The second option is the RN to BSN Track II Nursing Major. Information regarding this program is available at: