Department Websites

An initial step for determining where you want to transfer involves exploring the various options available to you.  Each department is different.  Look at the courses offered at various departments, and see if they are doing anything that might interest you.  Also, look at the faculty profiles for the various departments.  See if any of their research interests are appealing to you.

CSUN Philosophy Department Website
UCLA Philosophy Department Website
UCSB Philosophy Department Website
UCSC Philosophy Department Website
Cal Poly SLO Philosophy Department Website
UCD Philosophy Department Website
UCR Philosophy Department Website
UCSD Philosophy Department Website
UC Berkeley Philosophy Department Website
UC Merced Philosophy Department Website
Cal Lutheran Philosophy Department Website

Academic Counseling Information

The first two places you want to visit for transfer information are the Moorpark College Career and Transfer Center and the Moorpark College Counseling Center.  Both places will help you navigate the complex transfer process.

Moorpark College Career and Transfer Center.
Moorpark College Counseling Department

Three people in the counseling department are philosophy specialists.  You will want to meet with one of them.  Their email links are below:

Anitra Evans
Jodi Dickey
Pam Kennedy-Luna

Finally, you can do a lot of "leg work" on your own with  This website tells you which Moorpark College classes are accepted by various universities and how they are accepted.  You can visit the website or any of the Assist links below for philosophy departments at specific universities. 

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
CSU Northridge
UC Davis
UC Los Angeles
UC Riverside
UC San Diego
UC Santa Barbara
UC Santa Cruz

Cal Lutheran does not have information, but below you will find a direct link to their transfer information.

Cal Lutheran

Other college and university transfer information can be found here:

California Independent Colleges and Universities Transfer Information

Philosophy AA-T

The philosophy department offers an AA-T (Associate of Arts for Transfer).  This is a specialized degree and only certain universities will accept it.  Be sure to consult your counselor before pursuing this path.

Moorpark College Philosophy AA-T