Our Philosophy

We believe that a preschool program should be respectful, encouraging, and personalized to meet the needs of young children and their families. The first five years of life are crucial for the development of the child as a whole person; therefore, we strive to enhance the child’s growth in not only the intellectual domain, but also the physical, social, emotional and creative domains.

We believe that learning is an active and experimental process which is best accomplished when children are able to pursue their own unique interests. As teachers, we recognize that children have individual strengths and come to us with an innate desire to learn. We provide an environment for growth in which children are encouraged to learn about their world through their senses, feelings, and minds.

Families First

We also believe that families are the child’s primary teacher and source of comfort. We wish to develop relationships with families, so that as a community we can work together to support our children.

As a laboratory school, it is our mission to provide an environment that encourages children, families, teachers, and students to learn together. We continually strive to be a model of quality and high-standards for the community and the profession.


female child painting with female student worker
children eating snack with a teacher
children gardening with teacher

What is a “Laboratory School”?

At Moorpark College, being a “lab” school means that we are an integral part of the Child Development Instructional department. The Child Development Center serves as a training institution for the College with an outstanding teaching and administrative staff that attract both quality students interested in Child Development professions and families who are interested in quality early childhood education for their children.

Student Teachers

Our student teachers are expected to be careful observers of children’s development. They are assigned to a regular classroom where they receive intensive mentoring from our highly qualified teaching staff and Moorpark College Child Development Instructional Faculty. In addition, our observation rooms are utilized by a variety of campus disciplines for child study and research.

Campus Activities

We participate in the ongoing activities of the College campus and explore the campus environment regularly with the children. Moorpark College provides our building and grounds, the upkeep and janitorial services, technology support, and public safety, as well as access to a variety of resources not available to typical Child Development programs, such as America’s Teaching Zoo. 

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