Please download, fill out and sign each of the forms below to complete your child's enrollment packet:

- Identification and Emergency Information (LIC 700)

- Consent for medical Treatment (LIC 627)

- Child's Pre-Admission Health History (LIC 702)

- Physician's Report (LIC 701)

- Acknowledgement of Parent's Rights Notification (LIC 995)

- Acknowledgment of Policies for CDC

- Personal Rights Form (Parents) (LIC 613A)

- Personal and Family History

- Field Trip / Activity Permission Release

- Yogamama Permission Form

- Photo Release Form

- Holiday Questionnaire

- Parent Handbook

- Acknowledgement of Receipt of Parent Handbook

- Moorpark CDC- Emergency Information

- Individualized Care Plan Food Allergies (only need if applicable)

- Child Abuse Information

- Child Abuse Acknowledge Receipt


Please read the Parent Handbook.  The last page of the handbook must be printed (see above in forms), signed and returned to the CDC prior to your child's first day of attendance.

Please note that a child is only considered enrolled in the Moorpark Child Development Center Preschool when they are approved into an open space by the director, a completed current contract is signed, and a non-refundable deposit is paid to the Student Business Office.


Please click here to register your child for our online waitlist.  All children must be registered through  the online waitlist in order to be enrolled in the preschool program.