Child Development Tuition and Rates

CDC Tuition

Tuition Payments are due IN ADVANCE of attendance.  Tuition must be paid to the Student Business Office.  Payments can be made in person, sent by USPS, or called in to the Student Business Office: (805) 378-1437.  An automatic $25 late fee will be charged on the 15th of the month if tuition has not been received


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Registration Fee:

Each child enrolled in the Moorpark CDC must pay a $200 registration fee to secure his/her space for the entire school year. This fee must be paid to the Student Business Office upon enrollment.


A 10% discount will be applied to siblings enrolled in the Moorpark CDC.  The 10% will be subtracted from the child with the lower tuition fee.

Faculty /Staff /Student Discount

There are discounts available for faculty, staff and students of Moorpark College.  Please contact the CDC Director for information and an application or email for more information.

* To qualify for MC student rates a parent must be enrolled in at least 6 units during the current semester

Preschool Add-On Options:

Morning early-care, afternoon after-care and after-hours late pick-ups

$10 / hour (7:30 am – 9am, 4pm - 5pm)
$20 / 10-minute interval for late picks ups after 5pm (examples: pick-up at 5:09 = $20 fee; pick-up at 5:15 = $40 fee)
Toddler late pick-up fees start accruing at 11:31 am.

Lunch Bunch Add-on

12:00– 1:00pm
$15 per hour/session
(families provide lunches for their children). Morning/afternoon preschool students may pay $15 for each Lunch Bunch session they join, with 24-hour advance payment and approval of the CDC director.  Not available to Toddles.