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Exciting News! Moorpark College is launching a Peer Mentor program this Fall 2019!

This program will team current students with first year and continuing students to create peer relationships designed to help students navigate college life and connect students to resources and services. It is known if students have these meaningful interactions with a peer, they have higher levels of motivation and engagement with their college experience!


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Summer 2019 Honors classes!

Looking to get started on your Honors classes early? There are several Honors courses being offered this summer including:  

  • ARTH M100H - Honors: Understanding Art (CRN 57636)

  • ENGL M01BH - Honors Lit:Critical Think/Comp (CRN 56906--Prerequisite: ENGL M01A with a grade of B or better)

  • THA M01H - Honors: Introduction to Theatre (CRN 57472)