Free Tutoring for Moorpark College Students

The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) provides academic support (tutoring, workshops, etc.) through the Math and Science Center, the Writing Center, and the Course Embedded Tutor (CET) program in order to to help students achieve academic success. TLC Services are free to all Moorpark College students. 


Math and Science Center Tutoring

The Math and Science Center now offers both online and on-campus tutoring on a drop-in basis (no appointment is necessary) for the following subjects: math, statistics, chemistry, physics, biology, engineering, accounting, economics, computer science (C++), anatomy, physiology, and logic. 

Fall 2021 Tutoring Schedule


  • Online Drop-In Math and Science Center 

Drop-in Tutoring Link (via zoom)

Monday-Thursday 10am-5pm

Friday 12pm-4pm

Saturday 11am-2pm 

  • On-Campus Drop-In Math and Science Center

Tuesday & Wednesday 10am-4pm; 3rd Floor of the Library (LLR Building)


Writing Center Tutoring

The Writing Center now offers both online and on-campus tutoring. Writing Center tutors can help with writing, reading, and study skills in all disciplines. 

  • Online Appointments for Writing Tutoring

Make an appointment for a one-on-one 45 minute appointment with a tutor via Zoom. 

  • On-Campus Drop-In Writing Tutoring

Tuesday & Wednesday 10am-4pm, 3rd Floor of the Library (LLR Building)


Athlete Study Hall

Link to Athlete Study Hall


Drop-in tutoring in World Languages and ESL:

World Languages and ESL Tutoring 




Contacts & Additional TLC Resources


Math and Science Center

Faculty Coordinators

Rena Petrello
Esther Kim

Writing Center

Faculty Coordinators

Beth Gillis Smith 
Tracy Tennenhouse

Course Embedded Tutoring (CET) Program

Tutorial Services Specialist

Emmanuel Guerrero 805-553-4839

Tutoring and Supplemental Support Supervisor 

Deb Brackley 


COL M05 "Supervised Tutoring Across the Curriculum" 

Students who use TLC tutoring services will be enrolled in COL M05, "Supervised Tutoring across the Curriculum." COL M05 is a 0 unit course. It is not graded.  It does not appear on transcripts.  It is free to all currently registered Moorpark College students.

Learning Center Outcomes

Students who use the Learning Center will be able to apply learning strategies and basic skills to succeed in college. The Learning Center enables students to:

  • Assess their learning needs and create individualized learning plans
  • Use resources to develop the college skills and/or achieve the goals of their learning plans;
  • Acquire skills that develop life-long learning habits
  • Apply learning strategies and basic skills to independently succeed in college.

Moorpark College Mission

Grounded in equity, social justice, and a students first philosophy, Moorpark College values diverse communities. We empower learners from local, national, and global backgrounds to complete their degree, certificate, transfer, and career education goals. Through innovation and customized student support, our programs are designed to achieve equitable outcomes.