Math Center Workshops & Study Sessions

The Math Center offers a number of workshops and study sessions each month that are open to all Moorpark College students.



Unless otherwise noted, all study sessions will take place on the 3rd floor of the library (LLR Building). Signs will be posted.

Friday, May 12th:

Math M03: Intermediate Algebra 12-3 PM

Math M05: College Algebra 1-2 PM (AC-109) & 4-5 PM (AC-208)

Math M07: College Algebra & Trigonometry (Pre-calculus) 10 AM - 12 PM

Math M15: Introduction to Statistics 1-3 PM

Math M25A: Calculus with Analytic Geometry I 12-2 PM

Math M25B: Calculus with Analytic Geometry II 1-3 PM

Physics M10/20 A/B courses  1-3 PM


Saturday, May 13th:

Math M07: College Algebra & Trigonometry (Pre-calculus) 12-3 PM

Math M15: Introduction to Statistics 1-3 PM

Math M16A: Applied Calculus I 2-4 PM

Math M25A: Calculus with Analytic Geometry I 12-2 PM

Chemistry M01 A/B courses 12-2 PM


Other Possible Workshops

If you are interested in any of the workshop topics below, then that topic can be covered in the germane study session. For example, fractions, graphing, and factoring in M01 and M03 study sessions, probability in M15 study session, or trigonometry in M25A study session. All of these are on a as requested basis.

Workshop Descriptions

  1. Calculator
  2. Conic Sections
  3. Dimensional Analysis (Unit Conversions)
  4. Exponential and Logarithmic Functions
  5. Factoring
  6. Fractions
  7. Graphing for Algebra
  8. Math Anxiety & Test Taking Strategies
  9. Probability
  10. Radicals (including Square Roots)
  11. Reading Mathematics and Science
  12. Reading Math, Math Anxiety, & Test Taking Strategies
  13. Trigonometry for Calculus
  14. Word Problems for Algebra


While calculators are meant to be a tool to make mathematics easier, sometimes students have difficulty with using their calculators properly. This workshop covers correct calculator usage (to include Math M15 Statistics). Appropriate for all math classes.

Conic Sections

This workshops discusses both how to graph and solve analytically the four conic sections: circle, ellipse, parabola, and hyperbola. Appropriate for Math M03, Math M05, and  Math M07.

Dimensional Analysis (Unit Conversions)

For the beginning chemistry student (Chem M01A, M11, M12) one of the most difficult aspects is dimensional analysis or unit conversions. This workshop was created with input from the Chemistry department and aims to help students with these fundamental chemistry problems. Appropriate for Chem M01A, Chem M11, and Chem M12.

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Exponential and logarithmic functions form an important part of both the pre-calculus and calculus curriculum. Thus, in this workshop we discuss the graphs and properties of these two types of functions as well as equations that contain these functions. Appropriate for Math M07, Math 25A, and Math 25B students.


Factoring trinomials (i.e., algebraic expressions of the form ax^2-bx+c) is an integral part of algebra and it is difficult to succeed in algebra unless one is able to factor well. This workshop explores different methods of factoring through the use of common examples. Among the methods of factoring discussed are trial-and-check, factor-by-grouping, and using special products.  Appropriate for Math M01, Math M03, Math M04, and Math M05 students.


If fractions are the bane of your mathematical existence, then this workshop if for you. We will spend time with mixed numbers, but the emphasis will be on finding the least common denominator and dealing with improper fractions since those topics are most important for the study of algebra. Depending on the students who show up, the workshop may also cover how one approaches fractions when they are in algebraic expressions or equations. Appropriate for Math M09, Math M01, Math M03, Math M04, and Math M05 students.

Graphing for Algebra

This workshop is primarily for students in algebra classes who need help with graphing linear equations. The focus of this workshop is graphing as well as the equations that describe a linear equation of the form ax+by=c. Appropriate for Math M01, Math M03, Math M04, and Math M05 students.

Math Anxiety & Test Taking Strategies

If you have ever said that you hate math or that you know math until you take the test, then this workshop is for you. In this workshop, we discuss how to overcome math anxiety and how to prepare for and take a math exam. Appropriate for all Math Students.


This workshop is intended for students with difficulty with the counting and probability rules. Appropriate for Math M15.

Radicals (Including Square Roots)

Radicals form an important aspect of algebra. We begin with the study of square roots and then (depending on the interest of the students attending) proceed to other roots as well as describing how radicals can be written as fractional powers. Appropriate for Math M01, Math M03, Math M04, and Math M05 students.

Reading Mathematics and Science

This workshop approaches how to read a mathematical (or any science) text in order to increase one's understanding of the material. This workshop does not focus on word problems, though that is a topic that is discussed. (For help with word problems, see the Word Problems for Algebra Workshop). Reading math or science is often very difficult and in these workshop we discuss tools for making this necessary task easier. Appropriate for all Math and Science students regardless of level.

Reading Math, Math Anxiety, & Test Taking Strategies

This workshop is a combination of the Reading Mathematics and Science workshop and the Math Anxiety and Test Taking Strategies workshop. Appropriate for all Math Students.

Trigonometry for Calculus

The point-of-view of the workshop is based soundly on the unit circle. We will look at a number of example problems that require the use of right triangles as well as the unit circle. The goal is to leave the workshop with an understanding that the trigonometric functions are functions. As we progress through the semester, we will also introduce into the workshops calculus applications of trig that are appropriate for Math M25A and Math M25B. Appropriate for Math 25A or Math 25B, or even Math M06 or Math M07.

Word Problems for Algebra

Many students struggle with word problems or "problem solving" questions in algebra. The purpose of this workshop is to teach students how to translate from mathematical English into the symbolism of math in order to succeed at word problems. Appropriate for Math M01, Math M03, Math M04, and Math 5 students.

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