Exotic Animal Training and Management Welcome

Welcome to Exotic Animal Training and Management

Moorpark College offers a 2 year curriculum designed to prepare the student for entry into the animal care field.  The successful completion of this program entitles the student to a Certificate in Exotic Animal Training and Management.  If courses that satisfy Moorpark College's General Education requirements are also (or have been) taken, the student will earn an Associate of Science Degree. 

The Exotic Animal Training and Management (EATM) Program was established as a major at Moorpark College in 1974. Bill "Briz" Brisby, a Professor at Moorpark College, started the program with one animal - "Kiska" the wolf. Additional animals were added, and an animal facility was constructed (it was located near the current football stadium).  In 1990, the animals were moved to the current location, 5 acres overlooking all of the beautiful Moorpark College campus. This is America's Teaching Zoo (ATZ), one of only two zoos in the United States located on a college campus, and where a variety of about 125 animals of now live. As the number of animals grew, so did the program - new courses were developed and enrollment, staff and faculty increased. 

Another special aspect of the EATM program is that, under close staff and faculty supervision, it is the students who are responsible for the hands-on care of all of the animals at ATZ, something many other programs do not include.  In addition to attending classroom classes, EATM students receive hands-on zoo animal experience caring for and training animals, as well as educating the public about animals and wildlife conservation.  As such, EATM students are required to be at ATZ most days, including weekends when the zoo is open to the public.  Responsibility is a key aspect of this program.  Graduates of the EATM program are working all over the world, in many different careers involving animals. They are training guide dogs, caring for animals at aquariums, doing conservation work, training animals for television and films, working as caregivers at sanctuaries, zoos and animal parks, providing animal medical care and rehabilitation, and many other animal jobs.

Explore the links to the right. They should answer many of the questions you have about the Exotic Animal Training and Management Program here at Moorpark College. Information about how to apply, frequently asked questions, and an application are available online. Feel free to send us an e-mail (to faculty Gary Wilson or Brenda Woodhouse) if you have specific questions.