Apply & Enroll - Exotic Animal Training and Management Program

Applying to the Exotic Animal Training & Management Program 

Applying to the Exotic Animal Training and Management Program is a separate application and acceptance from enrollment into Moorpark College. After acceptance, the student will need to apply to the college itself.

One cohort of students is accepted each year starting mid-August, in the Fall Semester.
The application period is from January 1st through March 15th.
Applications received outside this time period will not be accepted. 


To Apply to the Exotic Animal Training & Management Program (EATM): 
  Complete EATM Online Application 

  Apply for Admission at Moorpark College
 Upload Unofficial College Transcripts showing completion of required 5 prerequisite classes as part of Application above 

 Request & Send Official High School & College Transcripts to Moorpark College 
               Send to: 
Moorpark College Admissions and Records
                                7075 Campus Road​
                                Moorpark, CA 93021
 Attend Applicant Information Meeting (AIM Meeting) in March or April 

All of the above information MUST be received by the end of the application period: March 15th. Information concerning the AIM meeting will only be sent to those students who have all the requested application materials on file by above date.

To assist in filling out the application you may use worksheet below to help gather all needed information.


Please refer all questions regarding the Application, the progress of your application, or the selection process to Brenda Woodhouse - Department Chair



As part of the campus of Moorpark College, Students of the Exotic Animal Training & Management Program follow all District policies regarding COVID-19. Additionally, protocols at America's Teaching Zoo have been put into place to help protect certain species housed within the collection. Additional personal protective equipment or PPE is required to work with particular species. 

The current campus & district policy requires that everyone who accesses in-person, on-site campus/District programs or who participates in off-site District/college services in person will be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or have a verified exemption, effective October 15, 2021. However, The Ventura County Community College District determined on October 4, 2021 that students can continue with their Fall classes by undergoing twice weekly COVID-19 tests. Testing will be available on campus. If a student has a negative test result, they can proceed to their class or event. Retesting will not be required when traveling between campuses on the same day. For the Spring 2022 semester starting in January, all students coming to campus will be required to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or have an approved medical or religious exemption. 

More Information regarding the Campus & COVID-19 


Selection of Students

Moorpark College is a Public California Community College, admission to the EATM Program is a lottery system. It is not based on grades, experience, education or any other factor. All students who have completed the application process at the appropriate time have an equal chance of admission to the Exotic Animal Training & Management Program. The application process includes submitting a complete application form, the required transcripts, and attendance at an AIM meeting as stated above.

After the AIM meeting is concluded, if there are still more interested students than we have space available for, a random selection will be made. The chance of being admitted is usually about 50-75%.

If not chosen for the first roster of students, an "alternate list" is created in case any students who are admitted decide not to attend. Alternates will be notified when and if a space becomes available and are offered a spot in sequential order drawn and listed. During the random selection process you will be notified if you have been admitted, are on the alternate list, or have not been randomly selected for either. If you are not selected, you will need to reapply for subsequent years.