Applying to the EATM Program


Please read this information first, before applying.

In order to apply to the Exotic Animal Training and Management Program, there are certain steps you must follow:

  1. The application must be returned by mail, along with the other requested materials. You cannot apply on-line.... yet. All applications must be returned by mail, or dropped off at Moorpark College..

  2. You can print the application, from the link below.

  3. Make sure you have all 5 of the required prerequisite college courses completed before you mail in your application.
    (See the admissions link for a list of those 5 classes)

  4. Include the requested transcripts (High School and College).

  5. The application and information is 6 pages:
           The first 2 pages are general information. (You do not need to mail these pages in.)
            Pages 3 and 4 are the application itself.. (Mail us these...)
            Pages 5 and 6 are an additional optional survey, and your chance to tell us more about you.
    (This survey will not be a part of the application review process, but we would really appreciate it if you would complete it, and mail us these pages also.)

    NEW information below - instructions on how to submit the EATM Application - to make it easier for us.

  6.   Finally - We only accept applications once a year - from January 1 thru January 31.
      (The EATM Program starts only once a year, in the Fall semester - we only admit students for the Fall term, which starts in mid-August.)

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader (free software) in order to print the EATM application. Click below to get Adobe Acrobat Reader.

THE APPLICATION LINK IS WORKING...!!!   If it does not work for you, try a different computer.  You must have up to date Adobe Acrobat Reader,  a decent amount of RAM, semi-fast internet connection, and a modern computer. 
If you ABSOLUTELY cannot get the Application to open for you, send an email to -    and I will email you the application as an attachment.

Free Adobe Acrobat Reader.    (You may need this if you do not already have it on your computer)

Continue to explore the links to the left. They should answer any questions you may have about the Exotic Animal Training and Management Program here at Moorpark College. Admissions information, frequently asked questions, staff information, and viewing the photos are very helpful. Feel free to send us an e-mail if you have specific questions.

Click here for the EATM Application    

IMPORTANT..!!!    Be sure to read all the information below first...!!! 

This version of the EATM Application lets you fill it out using Adobe Acrobat, and then print it out to mail to us. You can type information into this version, and print it when done... YOU CANNOT SAVE AND THEN GO BACK TO IT ...!!!    (Unless you have Adobe Professional software)
(Or, if you must,  print this out and use a typewriter at home...) 
Your application MUST BE CLEAR & LEGIBLE - we must be able to easily read it..!!  If we cannot read it, you will be removed from the process.  Please, please type it..!

The EATM Application MUST BE returned to us by mail...along with the other required materials...!!!!!   Fax, e-mail, downloads or other versions will not be accepted.

The application link is always available...   PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY.... 

IMPORTANT NOTE - Email will be the ONLY contact method we use to communicate with you - so make sure to include a current and valid email address on your application, and check your email frequently...!!!!

EATM applications for Fall 2019 will only be accepted from: 

   January 1, 2019  thru  January 31, 2019.

Please be sure we receive your application during that 1 month period. 




INSTRUCTIONS -  Read this info carefully..

In order to make it easier for us to review and process each application, we would like you to do the following;     (This is part of the application process – to see how well you can follow directions…!!!)


1 – Create a manila file folder to hold your application.

            (The folder can be any color, but MUST be letter-sized --- NOT legal size..!!)

- On the manila folder – NEATLY PRINT your last name, then your first name on it – in pencil.


Examples –

     Manilla folder, with your name in pencil (last name, first name)

Manilla folder for EATM application                          



2 – Put all requested materials in this manila folder, in the following order;

A – Pages 3 & 4 of the completed EATM application.
           – These two pages should be stapled together, in order (page 3 in front of page 4).

B – Pages 5 & 6 - the optional survey – stapled together in order. (page 5 in front of 6).

C – Your unofficial transcripts with the 5 prerequisites (and only the 5 prerequisites) highlighted.

D – Your official, sealed college transcripts.

E – Your official High School transcripts.

F – any other documents.


3 – PLEASE, be very sure your application is legible, and complete. (follow the directions above)


4 – Mail the application to us.

7075 Campus Road
Moorpark, CA  93021


5 – We will start reviewing the applications in mid-January. We will send you an email, telling you we have your application, and your status, sometime toward the very end of January, or early February.


6 – You will be notified by email, when the AIM (Applicant Information Meeting) dates will be.


7 – ALL correspondence from us will be via e-mail.  So be sure to check your email, every so often...!


Good Luck.  We look forward to seeing you as a student in the EATM Program..!