ASC Distinguished Faculty Chairs

Distinguished Faculty Chair Award Procedures (2020-2021)

Distinguished Faculty Chair Award Nomination form (2020-2021)

Each year the Academic Senate of Moorpark College recognizes one Distinguished Faculty Chair.  This Award is given to one of our faculty members who exemplifies excellence in education over a career of service to Moorpark College; it is the most prestigious award a faculty member can receive at our college.  The recipient is announced on Commencement Day at the start of the new academic year when he or she presents the Distinguished Faculty Chair Lecture to our assembled community; they close the year by participating in our Graduation ceremonies in May.


1996-1997     Dr. Clint Harper, Astronomy and Physical Science

1997-1998     Daniel Patrick Brown, History

1998-1999     James Stemen, Music

1999-2000     Christine S. Ruiz Aguilera, Mathematics and Computer Science

2000-2001     Larry Miller, Biology

2001-2002     John Grzywacz-Gray, Photography

2002-2003     Dr. Frank Bianchino, Psychology

2003-2004     Dr. James Peddie, Exotic Animal Training and Management

2004-2005     Dr. Gene Berg, Chemistry

2005-2006     Dr. John Baker, Anthropology

2006-2007     Dr. Janice Daurio, Philosophy

2007-2008     Ranford Hopkins, History

2008-2009     None Elected

2009-2010     Sharon Manakas, Student Health Services

2010-2011     Del Parker, Kinesiology

2011-2012     Cynthia Barnett, Sociology

2012-2013     Sydney Sims, English

2013-2014     Nils Slattum, English

2014-2015     Gary Wilson, EATM

2016-2017     Danita Redd, Counseling    

2017-2018     Sally Ponce-O'Rourke, Psychology

2018-2019     Rolland Petrello, Communication Studies

2019-2020     John Loprieno,  Theatre Arts