How many classes do I need to take? 


Students need to complete 15 units of honors classes and complete a final project or presentation.  


Can I apply previously completed honors courses taken prior to formally joining the Honors Program?  


Yes. These classes can be applied retroactively to the required 15 units of honors coursework. 


Does the Honors Program help me to transfer to other schools aside from UCLA and UCI?  


Yes. Even without formal partnerships many colleges and universities value honors coursework in considering applications. Participation in an honors program is one of the eight comprehensive review factors for transfer applicants to all UC campuses. 


How does the Transfer Alliance Program (TAP) differ from the Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program?  


TAP is a program affiliated specifically with UCLA and participating community college honors programs. The TAP program offers priority admissions consideration to majors in the UCLA College. The TAG program is offered by six of the University of California (UC) campuses and guarantees admission to applicants who meet specific admissions criteria.  


What honors courses are offered? How can I find them?  


Please visit our Honors Course list, or when going to the Class Schedule, pick ‘Advanced Search’ and type ‘Honors’ in the subject heading with Moorpark College as the selected location.   


What do I need to do beyond my classes? 


  • Apply formally 

  • Orientation required 

  • Four extracurricular events 

  • Mandated counselor visits* 

  • One formal presentation 

*If you are looking for TAP certification, then additional meetings are required. 


How much extra time does this take?  


The classes themselves require a little more work than non-honors because it invites more depth and rigor; however, each student finds their way as needed to achieve their goals. Ultimately, what you get out is directly proportional to how much you put in. 


Do I need to be in the Honors Program to take Honors courses? 


No.  Anyone can take honors classes!  


If I take Honors courses, am I automatically in the Honors Program? 


No.  You must apply formally to be in the program and follow all requirements. 


Will this actually improve my chances for transfer?  


Yes, and here are our numbers for UCLA as an example: 

In 2020 general transfer students were admitted to UCLA at a rate of 24%. By contrast, TAP applicants were admitted at a rate of 78%.  At Moorpark College, TAP applicants have enjoyed an 80% acceptance rate over the past four years. 


Does it cost more money?  


No. this comes free as a benefit of being a Moorpark College Student. You are assigned a special honors counselor to support you and a team of faculty and staff here to get you through.  


When can I apply to the Honors Program? 


We accept applications year-round, though you may not get an immediate response when you apply.  In general, during the summer time response is particularly limited.  Plan on at least three weeks before receiving word on your application status. 


Are Phi Theta Kappa, the Honors Club, and the Honors Program all the same thing? 


No.  Phi Theta Kappa is a national honors society (and there are others), not affiliated with the Moorpark College Honors Program.  The Honors Club is a student-run organization that is meant to help establish a community and support group for Honors Students.  

You can join the Honors Club through the Honors Club Discord and follow their Instagram.  Get involved! 


What if I am transferring this year?  Is it too late to join the Honors Program? 


It depends.  You need to have 9 Honors units completed by your final Fall semester (before transfer).  While it may be possible to find late-start Honors classes in the Fall, by the end of Fall semester prior to transfer you’ll need to show having 9 units done.   


Can I talk to a student for their perspective? 


Yes.  Join the MC2UCLA mentor program and find your mentor!  You can benefit from individualized peer-to-peer guidance, even if UCLA isn’t your preferred transfer institution.  This is an incredibly valuable resource, so take advantage. 

To talk to current students, we recommend joining the Honors Club Discord. 


Have more questions?


Contact Honors Coordinator Nathan Bowen or Honors Counselor Daniel Aguilar for more information.