Moorpark College now enforces class pre- and corequisites. Information on prerequisite and corequisite requirements can be found below as can an explanation of how to clear a prerequisite. Please note: this formation applies only to Moorpark College.

Prerequisites and Corequisites Requirements

A prerequisite is a course that the student is required to complete with a grade of “C’ or better before the student can enroll in the next more advanced course. A corequisite is a course which the student must take at the same time s/he is taking another course.  

All prerequisites and corequisites are strictly enforced at the time of the student’s registration; a student’s registration into a class cannot be processed until the prerequisite has been cleared. All prerequisites and corequisites are stated in the course descriptions in the college catalog and in the class schedule. Both documents are available at:

Students who are enrolled in the prerequisite course at Moorpark College will be allowed to register in the next more advanced course. Students must be aware, however, that if they receive a “D”, “F”, “NP” (No Pass), “W” (withdraw), or “I” (incomplete) in the prerequisite course, they have not met the prerequisite, are no longer eligible to remain in the next more advanced course, and will be dropped from the next more advanced course. (Note: a grade of “B” is required in some Honors classes in order to advance to the next course.)

Steps to Requesting Clearance of a Prerequisite

It is highly recommended the student seek approval for the clearance BEFORE attempting to register to minimize delays . Otherwise, student will not be permitted to register or waitlist for the course(s).

If the student has attempted to register via online or in-person and gets a “prerequisite and test score-error message” or if the students knows he/she needs to be cleared for a prerequisite or co-requisite, the student needs to complete the following steps before attempting to complete the registration process.

Steps to Clearing a Prerequisite  

  1. Prior to registration, provide proof that you have satisfied the prerequisite at Express Counseling. Acceptable proof is considered: official or unofficial college or high school transcripts, grade reports, test scores, AP scores. For Math placement at the start of a Math sequence, the student can use high school transcripts, college transcripts from another college, or AP scores.
  2. If approved, the Counseling Office will enter your prerequisite clearance into the computer system.
  3. Once the Counseling Office has entered your clearance you may continue with registration using MyVCCCD.
  4. If the Counseling Office is unable to approve your prerequisite clearance, they will direct you to the appropriate college personnel