2020 Graduate Survey Prize Winners

The Moorpark College Foundation sponsored a Graduate survey at the end of the 2020 school year.  The Grads that responded were placed in a a pool and random names were drawn for prizes that included a Chrome Book computer and $100 Vis  a gift cards.  Here are the happy winners!

Chrome Book

Alexis    Johnston 

Alixis Johnston

$100 VISA Gift Card

Brittany    Bradley  


My time at Moorpark has been challenging but worth it now that I have finally completed it!
Kathryn    Webb   
Marjorie    Tashvighi  

Marjorie T

Thank you to Moorpark College for not letting me give up on my dreams!
Rosa Melida    Iniguez  

Christine    Tikotin   

Chrislyn    Chovanec   


Moorpark College made it so easy to complete my degree while working full-time. The professors I had made my experience great!
Kristin    Ivey   

John Paul    Galvez  

John Paul

"Moorpark College has been a school with a lot of inspiration and positive enthusiasm. The students I have met here have become long time friends of mine, the professors helped me develop myself as a student and a person. Throughout my development as a student, Moorpark College has allowed me to attend my dream school of San Diego State University. I look forward to taking the next step in my life and I thank Moorpark College for allowing me to do so!"

Candice    Solomon   


I came back to school after having my son so I could provide him with a better life. While raising my newborn and being a wife I managed to graduate with a 3.25 GPA and I just passed my TEAS test. Next stop, nursing school!

Ruslan    Katsnelson   


“I really enjoyed my time at Moorpark College. I had the opportunity to learn from professors that were able to direct me to the career path that I’m on today.”