Athletic Training Course Outline

Recommended prerequisite coursework

Offered by Moorpark College:

BIOL M01 Introduction to Biology

ANAT M01 Human Anatomy

PHSO M01 Human Physiology

NTS M01 Introduction to Nutritional Science

KIN M13 Prevention & Care of Athletic Injuries

KIN M13L Prevention & Care of Athletic Injuries Lab

MATH M15 Introductory Statistics

PSY M01 Introduction to Psychology


Course Description Units

P.E. 90

Introduction to Human Performance

2 units

P.E. 91

Foundations of Fitness

3 units

H.E. 1

Health and Society

2 units

H.E. 5

Safety and First Aid

3 units

H.E. 6

Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries

3 units

H.E. 10E

Athletic Injuries Seminar

.5 units

H.E. 10G

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

.5 units


Introduction to Psychology

3 units

*AN 1

General Anatomy

4 units

**PHYS 1

Human Physiology

5 units



3 units

P.E. Activities

Choose 3

4.5 units

(Choose one each from Team, Individual and Cardiovascular lists)




23C Baseball

2B Weight Lifting

1 Walking

24C Basketball

6 Golf

3 Running

25C Football

8 Power Lifting

4 Aerobics

27 Soccer

11 Tennis

7 Step Aerobics

28 Softball

38 Wrestling

Any Dance Activity class

29C Track

30A Ballroom Dance


30A Volleyball

31A Ethnic Dance