Who is Eligible at Moorpark College?

Moorpark College Athletics
Individual Athletic Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible to represent Moorpark College in intercollegiate athletic competition the student-athlete must be approved under the following rules:

Amateur/Professional - You must have amateur status in the sport you wish to compete in. NOTE: You may be an amateur in one sport and professional in another.

Enrollment and Units

* A Student Education Plan (SEP) must be on file by the student-athlete's second semester of attendance. This plan must lead to a transfer, an associate degree, remediation, or a certificate program.
* During your season of competition you must be continuously and actively enrolled in a minimum of 12 units at Moorpark College. (Nine of these units must apply to your educational goals as stated on the SEP)
* You must be registered in these units before the end of the first four weeks of the semester.
* To continue participation in any sport after your first semester of competition you must maintain a 2.0 GPA.

# Season of Participation

* Any competition in an institution above high school level counts as one season's participation.
* You may participate at only one college during the same season.
* Once your season begins you may not play for another team in the same sport.

# Second Season - You must pass 24 units before you can participate in the second semester of that same sport. (18 of these units must apply to the SEP. You must also have a 2.0 GPA).

Number of Seasons of Eligibility - You will be limited to two seasons in any one sport. NOTE: There are some exceptions due to injury - see your coach.

Transfer Rule

* You may not participate with more than one California Community College (CCC) in any season.
* If you are transferring directly from another CCC and you competed there, you must complete 12 units at Moorpark College before you are eligible.

# NOTE: Unless five years have elapsed or the first college dropped your sport.

These rules are taken from the COA handbook and can be viewed at any CCC. You may go to the Athletic Director or coach to review these rules or receive interpretations should you have a question.