Out of State Information


Please read the following information carefully regarding fees and tuition costs for all Out-of State students. We are a 2-year junior college. We do not offer athletic scholarships or provide housing. All tuition, living, and housing costs are the responsibility of the student. Financial aid is offered through FAFSA. Once again please read all information carefully.


The coaching staff at Moorpark College is excited about your interest in our program. Our coaches are committed to our student-athletes and work hard to help them achieve their individual goals and those of the program.

Moorpark College is a 2- year, non-scholarship community college and is not affiliated with the NJCAA. Moorpark College is part of the California Commission on Athletics (COA) system. There are 109 California Community Colleges. Moorpark College participates in the highly competitive Western State Conference.

Moorpark College will not turn any out of state recruit away. If you feel that you can afford the costs and are willing to make that commitment, then the staff at Moorpark College will reciprocate that to you. If you feel that you can be an impact player at Moorpark College, then do the following.

  1. Fill out the Recruitment Form and submit it to your sport.
  2. Send 1 or 2 complete game films or highlight tape. Please send a film with your name, position, jersey color & number, and what high school you attended to:
  3.  Moorpark College Athletics
     Attn: Coach ______________
     7075 Campus Park Road
    Moorpark, CA 93021
  4. Apply for Financial Aid online: www.fafsa.ed.gov (make sure you enter the Moorpark College code 007115)
  5. The Coach will notify you and it will be your decision to visit Moorpark College at your expense.

This is information you must know if you're interested in you joining our team. It is designed to help you better understand the necessary paperwork and costs in moving to the Moorpark, California area and attending classes at Moorpark College. During the season, you are required by NCAA rules to be enrolled in at least 12 units/credits and 9 of those must be from academic courses. Tuition costs, living costs, and an overall estimated expense chart for 1 calendar year is listed below. The cost is $175 per unit for an out-of-state student.  

Estimated Expenses

Year 1

School    - Tuition


              - Fees


              - Books/Supplies


Housing - Estimated living with other athletes in apt. or house sharing expenses




Other expenses that are not included:


              - Food? ?


              - Personal (laundry, clothing, entertainment) ? ?


In order to receive financial aid or be eligible for federal grants and loans, you must complete and submit the Federal FAFSA Form completely and correctly. They will then determine if you are eligible to receive any assistance in the form of grants and/or scholarships.

In order to establish California Residency, you will need to set up the following immediately after arriving here and before you start attending classes. How to Establish California Residency

- Change of Address Form from Post Office
- Establish a Free Checking Account
- Get a California Drivers License or California I.D. from Dept of Motor Vehicles
- Vote in California/Register to Vote
- To be a resident, your parents cannot claim you on their taxes for the time that you are in California. Keep all copies and forms from the above information for it is the necessary proof used to establish your claim of residency. Establishing residency also requires you to have certain documents with you. In order for you to complete the above paperwork to establish residency, you will need the following documents with you when you move.

Documents needed to Establish California Residency

- Social Security Card
- Official Birth Certificate Copy
- Current Drivers License from your home state or state ID card

Please fill out forms (if you have not done so already) and send to the proper addresses. If you have any questions regarding Moorpark College Athletics, or any other concerns, please feels free to call at 805-378-1457. We also encourage you to take a look at our web site at www.moorparkcollege.edu for updates, information, and schedules. The coaching staff has their e-mail addresses listed here as well. Please send us a tape of yourself so our staff can evaluate your past playing performances. We look forward to seeing you become a part of the Moorpark College Raider tradition.

Out of State Student Athlete Checklist

Check off:

1. _____ Apply to Moorpark College for the semester you wish to attend.
(Application Sheet- print it out from web site and send)

2. _____ If you think you may qualify for financial aid or want student loans, you must complete FAFSA. Our school code is 007115. Go to www.fafsa.ed.gov to apply online.

3. _____ If a true freshman, need letter on high school letter head from your counselor stating you are in good standing and on track to graduate. Or have a copy of diploma. Have your transcripts sent to the Moorpark Admissions Office.

4. _____ If you have previous work from another college or university please have your academic transcripts sent to the Admissions & Records Office at Moorpark College.

When you get to Moorpark...

5. _____ Take the Assessment Test and attend the college Orientation. (The test will assess what level you may be placed in for math & reading). For test dates & times, contact the counseling office

6. _____ Make an appointment to do you Student Education Plan (SEP) ASAP. Call (805) 378-1457 to make an appointment with an athletic counselor to make your SEP. Then give completed copy to the coach of the sport that you will be playing.
(When you get here)