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The engineering discipline offers many career opportunities suited for different interests and talents.  Traditionally, the engineering discipline is comprised of four major branches: civil, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineering. Each in turn is further divided into several subdisciplines.  Furthermore, engineering disciplines and subdisciplines overlap, resulting in even more specialized fields of study such as mechatronics, biological engineering, energy engineering, industrial engineering, nanoengineering, to name a few.




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Engineering Curriculum

Our lower division curriculum offers courses in engineering which are designed to be transferable to four-year institutions such as CSUs, UCs, and private universities.  Additionally, students may choose to earn an Associate in Science Degree with a major in Engineering, optimizing their preparation for upper division course work for advanced degrees in Engineering offered by four-year institutions. 

Engineering Courses

Department Administration and Staff 

  • Robert Cabral, Interim Dean of Student Learning
  • Mary Anne Beck, Administrative Assistant

Department Chair

  • Erik Reese
    • Telephone: (805) 378-1488
  • Scarlet Relle
    • Telephone: (805) 553-4162

Full-time Faculty

  • Scarlet Relle
  • Jenny Ding

Part-time Faculty

  • Hadi Darajeh
  • Khosrow Rad
  • Richard Walker

Part-time faculty list their contact information for students on their course syllabi.  In addition, students can leave a message for a particular instructor with the division office by calling (805) 378-1572.


Counselors who specialize in Engineering degree:

  • Daniel Aguilar
  • Danita Redd
  • Samantha Zaldivar

can be contacted through the Counseling Office.

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