The Moorpark College Game Design program Advisory Committee is made up of game industry professionals, game design and development educators, career pathways liaisons, school administrators and faculty, and current and former Moorpark College game design students. This committee is the core of how the Game Design program at Moorpark College operates — from its inception, this program has been guided by passionate gamers who know what it takes to get jobs in the industry as well as transfer to game design programs at four-year schools.

Following is a list of the amazingly generous people* who helped to develop this program and who continue to steer where the program is going in the future:

Moorpark College Game Design Program Advisory Committee
Buchanan, Juancho  Game Developer; Engineering Management at; Former VP of Technology, Relic Entertainment
Brussee, Arthur  Game Developer; Founder, Tiny Cube Studios
Del Castillo, Ed Game Designer; Founder/Owner, Liquid Entertainment
DeLeon, Chris  Founder, Gamekedo; Organizer, IndieCade; Former Game Developer, Will Wright’s Stupid Fun Club
Clarke, Darius  Teacher, Santa Susana High School
Durrett, Brett  Game Developer; CEO, IMVU; Founder/Owner Asylum Entertainment
Fullerton, Tracy  Game Designer; Director, USC Games Program
Hand, Anton  Game Developer; Founder, RUST Ltd.
Kermanizadeh, Rambod  Game Developer; Founder, MindFactory Studios
Kiggens, Jim  Game Producer/Developer at Course Games; Former Director, Serious Game Design Institute, Santa Barbara City College
Miller, Lucas  Game Developer; Founder, RUST Ltd.
Noonan, Luke Game Developer; Founder, RUST Ltd.
Novak, Jeannie Lead Author & Series Editor, “Game Development Essentials”; Co-Founder, Novy Unlimited | Indiespace; Online Program Director, Game Art & Design - Media Arts & Animation / Producer & Lead Designer, Art Institute Online; Instructor, UCLA Extension, Art Center College of Design, Santa Monica College
Novak, William Game Developer; Chair of Department of Game Art & Design at Woodbury University
Rice, Trevor Game Developer; Founder, MindFactory Studios
Rogers, Scott Game Designer; Author “Level Up! The Guide to Great Video Game Design”; Professor at USC school of interactive media; Disney Imagineer
Romero, Brenda Course Director, University of Limerick; Former Chair of UCSC Games & Playable Media
Sulzdorf-Liszkiewicz, Adam Game Designer; Founder, RUST Ltd.; Provost’s Fellow, Media Arts and Practice Division, USC
Stern, Eddo Game Designer; Professor, UCLA Design | Media Arts Department
Way, Voldi Game Developer; Founder/Owner, WayForward Technologies
Zimmerman, Eric  Game Designer; Co-author of “Rules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals”; Professor, NYU Game Center

* Not listed are the career pathways liaisons, school administrators and faculty, and students, who are also instrumental in creating and sustaining this program.