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The Moorpark College Music Department offers a wide variety of classes designed for both the aspiring professional musician who wishes to continue studies at the university level and the knowledgeable amateur eager to understand and appreciate the important role music occupies in this society.  Committed to preparing our students for the study and performance of music from the past and shaping the music of the future, the Music Department offers a vast and diverse array of courses from Classical Vocal Techniques to Electronic Music.  No matter where you are or where you want to be on your musical journey, the Music Department has a course and program for you. 

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COVID-19 Update for Fall 2020:

The vast majority of Music courses will be 100% online in Fall 2020.  Core music major coursework such as: Ensembles (MUS M10, M12, M18, M21, M23, M34), Music Theory & Musicianship (MUS M02A-MUS M02D), and Applied Music (MUS M30A-G) are currently scheduled to stay on-ground with physical distancing measures as there is no viable online alternative.  Students registering for these on-ground courses must be music majors and demonstrate significant progress towards completing the AA-T in Music.  All other students may be dropped to reduce class sizes and ensure public health. 

This is subject to change at any moment, and we will update this page as developments occur.  All students are strongly encouraged to register for their Fall 2020 music courses.  This allows us to contact students via email with significant updates directly.  You may also check the course schedule for the latest changes.

For any questions, please contact Professor Brandon Elliott at

Fall 2020 Music Major Audition Dates & Application:

Applications for Fall 2020 are now open.  Please apply here.  Due to COVID-19, we are not able to provide an exact audition date, but it is anticipated it will be held in early August.

Degrees and Certificates Offered

Associate in Arts in Music for Transfer Degree (AA-T) | Time to Complete: 2 years | Download Program of Study

The Associate in Arts Degree in Music for Transfer Degree (AA-T in Music) is intended for students who plan to transfer and complete a Bachelor's degree in General Music or equivalent major at a CSU campus. Students completing the AA-T in Music are guaranteed admission to the CSU system, but not necessarily to a particular CSU campus or major of their choice. Students should consult with a counselor for more information on university admission and transfer requirements, as this AA-T in Music may not be the best option for students intending to transfer to a particular CSU campus or to a college or university that is not part of the CSU system.

Students declared as a Music Major intending to complete the AA-T in Music must apply and audition for the Applied Music course (MUS M30).  Applied Music is individual instruction on your voice or instrument of proficiency and must be taken four consecutive semesters in order to complete the degree.  If you have any questions about Applied Music, please contact Professor Brandon Elliott ( 

Certificate of Achievement in Music Technology (COA) | Time to Complete: 1 year | Download Program of Study

The Music Technology Certificate of Achievement is designed for students seeking a career as a professional musician. It will better prepare a student to secure a job in the music industry by building skills related to music technology. After successfully completing this certificate a student could be hired as a composer, recording artist, music production assistant, assistant audio engineer, audio technician, assistant music supervisor, or artists & repertoire (A&R) assistant.  If you have any questions about the Music Technology Certificate of Achievement, please contact Professor Nathan Bowen ( 

Faculty and Staff

The Music Department at Moorpark College boasts a highly regarded faculty of teacher-artists, scholars, and practitioners that embody the college's "students first" philosophy.  Whether you are taking a Music Appreciation course or participating in our rigorous Applied Music studies, you will learn among excellent faculty.

Full-Time Faculty

Nathan Bowen Director of Music Theory & Technology
Brandon Elliott Director of Choral & Vocal Activities
James Song Director of Instrumental Activities

Adjunct Music Theory, Technology & Musicology Faculty

Carrie Dike Musicology & Ethnomusicology
Edward Demmond Music Appreciation
Virginia Figueiredo Music Appreciation
Tony Wardzinski Music Theory & Musicianship

Adjunct Choral & Vocal Faculty

Marilyn Anderson Vocal Techniques & Vocal Performance
Stephanie Aston Vocal Performance
David Castillo Vocal Performance
Marcus Klotz Vocal Performance
Kevin Fukagawa Collaborative Pianist

Adjunct Instrumental Faculty

Rachel Beetz Flute Performance
Michael Bernard Oboe Performance
Jennifer Bliman French Horn Performance
Ron Borczon Classical Guitar Performance
Jordan Charnofsky Classical Guitar Performance
Mona DeCesare Piano Performance
Dustin Donahue Percussion Performance
Virginia Figueiredo Saxophone and Clarinet Performance
Diane Gilbert Viola Performance
John Hester String Bass Performance
Brendan McMullin Brass Performance & Director of Jazz and Wind Ensembles
Ashley Walters Cello Performance
Hui Wu Piano Performance


Performing Arts and Student Engagement Division Office

Dean: Monica Garcia |

Division Office: | AA - 101 | (805) 553-4121

Department Chair: John Loprieno | ( | PA - 146 | (805) 378-1469

Counselors & Faculty Advisors 

Jodi Dickey, Counselor | FH 120 | (805) 553-4615 |

Brandon Elliott, Music Faculty Advisor & Applied Music Coordinator | M 120 | (805) 553-4168 | | Book Appointment Here!

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