Music Theory and Technology

Welcome to the Music Program!  Building skills for a career in music matters - we focus on relevant and current skill development for a career in the music industry.  Our theory & musicianship classes are designed to provide students with a solid foundation in notational literacy, score analysis, arranging, and ear training.  Our technology classes center around fluency within software applications, learning about music business, and skills for a career in music.  Join us and develop your craft!

Upcoming Show: Stream Jam 7

7:30pm October 21st

Since COVID hit, Music Technology students innovated by moving their music concert format to streaming.  We are now doing our 7th show since we all went online, creating DIY videos and sharing our music over Twitch.  Join in for our next installment, with a very lively and supportive threaded chat and a great evening of original music and creative DJ sets!  We have a legit music scene in this area.  Come check it out!

MCMT Stream Jam Concert - October 2021

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