Radiologic Technology is the art and science of using radiation to provide images of bones, internal organs, soft tissue and vessels that comprise the human body. These images, that are digitally stored or displayed on a video monitor, are then used as a tool to diagnose disease, injury, or congenital deformity. Diagnosis and treatment of a patient depends on the accurate and precise production of a radiographic examination. The health professional responsible for performing radiographic examinations is the Radiologic Technologist (RT)

Moorpark college offers a two year curriculum designed to prepare the student for entry into the practice of professional imaging. The successful completion of this program entitles the student to an Associate of Science Degree, and meets the eligibility requirements to take the professional licensing examination to become a registered technologist.

This program is accredited by the Joint Review Committee of Education for Radiologic Technology (JRCERT) and the State of California Department of Health, Radiation Health Branch (RHB).

The Moorpark College Radiologic Technology Program was accredited in 2013 with an 8 year accreditation award. 

The Moorpark College Radiologic Technology program is accredited by:


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Health Sciences Department Division 

(805) 378-1433 

Dean of Students

Dr. Carol Higashida, (805) 378-1459

Program Director

Robert Darwin

Faculty/Clinical Coordinator

Armine Torabyan


Lydia Basmajian, (805) 378-1428