Radiologic Technology or Radiography, or X-Ray as it may also be referred, is the art and science of using radiation to provide images of the bones, organs, soft tissue and vessels that comprise the human body.  These x-ray images, that are recorded on x-ray film or displayed on a video monitor, are then used as a tool to diagnose disease, injury or congenital deformity.  

Medical Imaging with radiation is an indispensable diagnostic tool of modern medicine; broken bones can be aligned, ulcers can be detected, and many other injuries, traumas and diseases can be diagnosed with x-ray imaging.  Diagnosis and treatment of a patient depends on the accurate and precise production of a radiographic (x-ray) examination.   The health professional responsible for performing radiographic examinations is the RadiologicTechnologist (R.T.)  Radiologic Technologists are  essential members of the health-care team, who work closely with physicians, nurses and other members of allied health.

Radiologic Technology is not for everyone, it can be physically and emotionally demanding, but for those individuals who are team players, dedicated, compassionate and enjoy helping others, this is a rewarding and satisfying career.