1. What are the prerequisites I have to take in order to apply to the program?

Please refer to Curriculum Guide for the full list of courses. Additionally, you must be at least 18 years old at the time of application.

2. When do you accept applications?

Applications are accepted February 1st through February 28th of every year.

3. What else do I need to turn in with the application itself?

Please refer to the Application Process page.

4. What is the minimum required GPA to apply into the program?

The minimum required cumulative GPA is 2.5.

5. Do you have time limitations on accepted prerequisite classes?

Not at this time.

6. Can I take Anatomy and Physiology together, as a combined course?

Yes. (Please contact counseling if you have any questions).

7. Is there a wait list?

Yes. Currently, it is about a 1-2 year wait to come into the program once you submit your application (wait time is always subject to change).

8. Do I get a wait list number?

Yes. Once the deadline for applications to be submitted passes, there is a number assigned to you by random selection. You will be notified by email to your my.vcccd.edu up to 4 months after the closing date of the application period.  Your number always remains the same throughout your wait.

9. When do first year rad tech students start?

A new class is started once a year in June.

10. When will I know if I am accepted for the upcoming class?

Letters of acceptance will be emailed to your college email address a semester prior to the start of the program.

11. How many students do you accept each year?

Approximately 26 students per year are accepted.

12. How long is the program?

2 years.

13. Do you offer the Radiologic Technology Program in the evening?


14. Am I able to complete the program part-time?

No, the program is a full-time commitment.

15. Can I work while in the Radiologic Technology Program?

While we cannot tell students not to work, we strongly recommend you don’t. This program takes a lot of commitment and time. However, if you must work, we suggest not letting your work interfere with your college courses.

16. Do you offer an advanced placement option?

Yes. You must have a limited license and at least one year full time work experience in the field. For further questions, or to be considered for this, contact Robert Darwin, program director, at (805) 553-4777.

17. What type of CPR card do I need, and when should I have it?

We recommend that you do not obtain your CPR card until right before you come into the program. For our CPR requirements please refer to Curriculum Guide and Forms, and click on CPR Requirements and Information.

18. What is the cost of the program?

Approximately $6,200 over the course of two years, but is subject to change.