2016 - 2017 Season




They say the course of true love never does run smooth, but the last thing a man wants to hear from the woman he’s courting is; “If I be waspish, best beware my sting!”  In this high-energy Shakespearean Rom-Com about courtship, love and the old “you know they want each other but they’re both too stubborn to say it,” Kate, our shrew, is beset upon by the loathsome, yet handsome, charming, yet brutish, Petruchio.  To complicate things further, Bianca can’t marry the man she loves until her shrewish, wasp of a sister is safely wed herself. Will Bianca have her true love? Will the Shrew be the one that gets tamed or the one that does the taming? Find out in this light hearted summer comedy for all ages.         

FALL 2016

Night of the Living Dead
Adapted From the George Romero & John Russo Classic Film
By Lori Allen Ohm

The dead are walking as Moorpark College kicks off its 50th Anniversary celebration with this stage adaptation of the 1960’s classic tale of horror that first introduced zombies into the mainstream pop culture.   Fall out from a satellite probe shot to Venus returns to Earth carrying a mysterious radiation that transforms the unburied dead into flesh-eating monsters.  Seven people trapped in an isolated farmhouse, held hostage by the ravenous ghouls, begin to turn on each other as the dead encroach. “Night of the Living Dead” is a gripping, terror-filled play that brings all the fright of the cult classic to life. This blend of thrilling horror laced with touches of black humor envelops the audience in the action and unfolds into a shocking theatrical ending.

Spring 2017

Book and Lyrics by                            Music by
Gerome Ragni & James Rado             Galt MacDermot

Produced for the Broadway stage by Michael Butler
Originally Produced by the New York Shakespeare Festival Theatre 

Join us as we celebrate the 50th Anniversaries of both “HAIR” and Moorpark College. 
Journey back to the “Summer of Love” and experience Moorpark College just as our first students did when our doors first opened in 1967.  

In the age of Aquarius, a time of harmony and understanding, HAIR, puts rock music and the culture that went with it on stage. The show has a strong effect on everyone and acts as a bridge between generations and viewpoints.  Phenomenal musical numbers include Aquarius, Good Morning Starshine, I Believe in Love, Hair, I Got Life, What a Piece of Work Is Man and Hippie Life. This show has a vitality, a timelessness and a meaning that outlives the late 1960’s in America.  "I wish every mother and father in this theater would go home and make a speech to their teenagers and say: Kids, be free, no guilt, be whoever you are, do whatever you want to do, just as long as you don't hurt anyone.”

Moorpark College Theatre for Young Audiences Class Presents:
A show for children of all ages!

Children’s Theatre returns to Moorpark College with our exciting NEW Theatre for Young Audiences class.  We look forward to bringing Theatre Arts to more young audience members on our campus and in our community!  Not only does this class aim to entertain our local community members young and old by touring a kid-friendly production to middle schools, preschools and senior living centers, it also teaches our college students important collaboration and communication concepts that they then use in any occupation.  We are excited to continue this tradition and reach out even more into the Ventura County community.

Theatre for Young Audiences (TYA) was reinvigorated in 2017 with our production of The Internet is Distract – OH LOOK! A KITTEN!  We performed at the following elementary schools:

Campus Canyon College Preparatory Academy, Moorpark

Flory Academy of Sciences and Technology Elementary School, Moorpark

Walnut Canyon Elementary School, Moorpark

Overland Avenue Elementary School, Los Angeles

We also performed for:

Sunrise Senior Living at Wood Ranch, Simi Valley

The Wildlife Theatre at America’s Teaching Zoo, Moorpark for the zoo’s Spring Spectacular event

The Child Development Center at Moorpark College

The Student One Acts at Moorpark College